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Workspace Expo 2021: 7 strong trends in “new offices” deciphered

From October 5 to 7, Workspace Expo will be held at Porte de Versailles. Between solutions offered by the 275 exhibiting brands and a program of cutting-edge conferences, the annual furniture and interior design fair workspace place the question “human factor” at the center of this 2021 edition. Intramuros is a partner of the event.

Has teleworking made a lasting difference? For some time now, announcements have multiplied: certain groups have confirmed the setting up of “total” teleworking (at the rate of two to three days of face-to-face per month, cf. Le Monde, September 28) and reorganize their seats, hotels are experimenting with the reconfiguration of rooms and suites into temporary offices (cf. Intramural n ° 209 “Offices and hotels: post-covid convergences”), there are more and more employees to ask for motivated reasons for going to a workplace, with regard to what they can exercise from their home. They require less unnecessary travel, more efficiency and psychological comfort, and are eager for better reception at the office in spaces designed to encourage bonding, collective intelligence and creativity. Based on these observations, the WorkSpace Expo show identified 7 strong trends in the mutations of the workspace, which contribute to this essential comfort at work (cf. Intramural n ° 209 “Comfort and health at work).

The 7 strong trends presented at Workspace Expo

1. Hearing better / reduced noise:

Noise and noise pollution are the cause of fatigue and stress, impacting the quality of life. It is therefore important to arrange the spaces in order to be able to get along and concentrate. Many solutions exist to reduce nuisances such as cabins, furniture with partitions, ceiling lights, wall coverings, headphones and lighting …

2. Breathe better / healthier air:

The French spend 7 to 8 hours a day in the office, the air is a public health issue, because it is polluted due in particular to decoration products, materials composing the furniture, air conditioning, machines … solutions exist: analysis devices that allow continuous measurement of the pollutant rate.

3. Better seeing / adapted lighting:

70% of offices do not have lighting capable of reaching the recommended 500 lux. Light plays an essential role in our balance. Solutions exist: artificial lighting, dimmers and tones …

4. Better configure / benevolent technology:

Solutions to the needs of users to meet the needs and expectations of employees.

5. Better innovate / fun spaces:

Encourage disconnection and exchange, colorful, recreational furniture, swings, giant poufs, writing boards… to promote creativity and individual expression.

6. Better adapt / upgradeable furniture:

In the era of flex office, the workspace must be reconfigured and transformed quickly. It must be light, modular, on wheels …

7. Better escape / re-humanize:

A whole dedicated space to put emotional well-being back at the center and re-humanize exchanges vs over-information and SR.

1. Vitra, Dancing Wall, Stool Tool, Tip Ton © Vitra. 2. Erard Pro, Kross © Erard Pro. 3. Arrow Group, Alto © Arrow Group. 4. Cider, Flexcab © Cider. 5. Eol, Oscar © Eol. 6. Cider, Layout © Cider. 7. Bralco, Polare © Bralco. 8. Kettal, Phone Booth Single © Kettal.

This new 2021 edition of Workspace Expo is mobilizing more than ever to help professionals understand these “new offices”. A real springboard to help reflexion n for professionals confronted with these new challenges, it will give them the opportunity to meet experts and discover concrete solutions presented on the stands and to share thoughts and commitments during workshops and conferences (full program here ).

Note, on Tuesday, October 5, the winners of the 2021 Innovation Trophies will be unveiled.

WORKSPACE EXPO, October 5-7, Paris Porte de Versailles, Hall 7.2

Bisley, Quarters © Bisley.