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Women in Design Network Conference

To what extent can the Women in Design network be a driving force for inclusive design?

Through its round table, the new Women in Design association brings together experts to compare their views on the current world of Design. Issues and findings initiate exchanges to think together and differently about the new solutions of tomorrow for an inclusive design, intended for all structures (schools, companies, public policy).

Frederique Pain, Director of ENSCI Les Ateliers -Volunteer Women Rights & Gender Parity at LVN
Katie Cotellon, Head of Design and User Experience at Saint-Gobain research – Network participant Win Saint Gobain
Juliette Damoisel, Chief Strategy Officer at Extreme Agency, Bénévole at Les Lionnes
Rose Rondelez, Student at Sciences Po & Strate School of Design in interaction design
Makan Fofana, Designer, novelist and founder of the HYPERCUBE laboratory

Moderation: Johanna Rowe Calvi, founder of Women in Design

A conference given on Wednesday September 8, at the Intramuros Café, as part of Paris Design Week 2021.