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Virtuous autopsy of consumption

From research to realization, there is sometimes only one step to take!

At this Agora du Design, the six winners of the Agora grant present their work which gives the spotlight to a new type of production that is more thoughtful and resolutely respectful. From the micro-source of energy to the use of algae, from the act of offering to the reuse of electronic devices, the exhibition questions our needs and the resources that we could use to replace the current ones.

Samuel Tomatis’s battle horse is to promote the invasive algae of the coast. His research started in 2017 and he explores all the possible applications derived from these aquatic plants. From the cash register receipt to the moving box, through the shopping bag or even the enameled tiles, Samuel offers a real inventory of products with Alga . Compostable by individuals, this catalog opens up the field of possibilities with great relevance!

Pablo Bras creates bridges between man and his environment. So far, nothing extraordinary, but his approach is on a human scale. For his Pavilion of Dreams , and by Pavilion, he means residential construction, the designer has imagined new, more virtuous sources of energy. Made of glazed ceramic, kevlar and cork, its tube fireplace can heat a small area. Its hydrogenerating gargoyle offers the possibility of converting rainwater into electric current, once placed on the bottom of a gutter. Both poetic and imaginative, his proposals make you want to see further.

Agora du Design, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, 21 boulevard Morland 75004 Paris

Photos © Cécile Papapietro-Matsuda