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News / Villa Albertine: 3 projects supported by the Bettencourt Foundation

Villa Albertine: 3 projects supported by the Bettencourt Foundation

The Villa Albertine has just unveiled the 70 residency projects selected to come to the United States for one to three months in 2023. Projects carried out by 80 creators, researchers and cultural professionals and 90 partner structures. Among them, three projects supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.

With a team of 80 people and a dense network of partners throughout the United States, Villa Albertine renews the concept of residency by offering a plurality of locations and a unique accompaniment. The Villa Albertine project invites its residents to go outside the walls to create links with the Americans they meet there, and thus change the way they look at the French cultural landscape. Of the 70 projects selected, 40 will be anchored in a specific city, 20 will be itinerant and 10 will be centered on a common project around dance. “More than 700 applicants responded to the call, with creative projects confirming how, in a world in crisis, artists not only need to be supported, they can and must guide us in our understanding of major contemporary issues.” said Philippe Etienne, Ambassador of France to the United States and Chairman of the Villa Albertine.

The selected projects are divided into ten categories: architecture, visual arts, cinema, digital creation, fictional literature, museum and heritage, music, humanities and social sciences, design and crafts, and live performance.

Three residents supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation


One of the particularities of the Villa Albertine lies in the fact that candidates must be associated with a French structure to present their project. This partnership does not require any particular financial or organizational commitment, but brings its recommendation, its expertise to prepare and accompany the residency project, and also offers a post-residency component. Thus, 90 structures have positioned themselves on the different projects. Among them, the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, which supports three winners in the design and crafts category:
– Gold Reflector Artisan Manuela Paul Cavalier, for her project “How has the legacy of the Old European gilders evolved in the American cultural and artistic ebullience?”

– the designer Felipe Ribon, for his project “comfort goods”, which combines gastronomy, photography and industrial design

– the paper ennobler François-Xavier Richard, for the continuation of his sensitive research on the sound of paper, which reactivates our memory and allows us to apprehend the world through our senses

In parallel, a partnership with France Culture will be launched in September, in the form of a weekly appointment and will allow to discover a resident, interviewed live from the United States.
Regarding the 2024 residences, the call for applications should be launched in November 2022.