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Victoria wilmotte

Until January 15, the Saint-Germain de Silvera showroom is hosting an exhibition by Victoria Wilmotte. While unveiling preview pieces and flagship pieces, the designer takes the opportunity to mark the tenth anniversary of her workshop and unveil a retrospective work.

Exposition Victoria Wilmotte - Showroom Silvera Paris - Décembre 2020 © Yannick Labrousse

In the Silvera showroom, around fifteen products provide a significant insight into Victoria Wilmotte’s signature. It includes elementary pieces, such as the Pli collection or the Piega mirror edited by ClassiCon, and more masterful creations such as a marble dining table. Above all, the exhibition gives pride of place to the work of the material at the heart of the designer’s inspiration: metal and marble are cut, pleated, treated, disciplined with audacity, in lines that are both soft and energetic. Among the astonishing pieces placed in the display case, Marquina marble lights which integrate LEDs bring a particular warmth while renewing the perception of the material. Similarly, among the novelties of the VW Factory, a console combines a black marble top in contrast with a folded steel base powder coated in electric blue.

Exposition Victoria Wilmotte - Showroom Silvera Paris - Décembre 2020 © Yannick Labrousse

The presentation also includes the vases edited by Daum, and other steel versions, but the highlight is the presentation of sofa and armchair prototypes, covered in velvet: Pierre Frey, who seems to announce the exploration of textiles by the designer in future years.

Until January 15, Silvera , 209 boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Paris.

Victoria Wilmotte Exhibition – Silvera Paris Showroom – December 2020 © Yannick Labrousse


Victoria Wilmotte

“Since 2015, I have this space in Paris that I call the VW Factory, a multifunctional place that hosts both offices and showroom, as well as a workshop for working metal with machine tools that allow me to design prototypes, tests and small series. I have always liked production, manufacturing, having the possibility of putting shapes into volume and, above all, of creating while doing. I have always designed pieces outside of publishing houses in parallel. Self-publishing brings great freedom, it represents 50% of my work. Its downside? Self-distribution! (…) I want to continue to be published, I continue my collaborations, in particular with Haviland and Daum, because I like to collaborate with brands which have a very specific know-how. It’s important to show that I can adapt my drawings and bend to imposed subjects. “ (“Self-publishing, an additional strategy?” Article by Isabelle Vatan which appeared in the issue 199 from Intramuros , March 2019)

Ouvrage pour les 10 ans de VW Factory, édition limitée.
Exposition Victoria Wilmotte - Showroom Silvera Paris - Décembre 2020 © Yannick Labrousse