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valerie_objects exhibits in Berlin

Until November 26, it is in a gallery of Andreas Murkudis in the south west of Berlin, that valerie_objects takes place to expose its iconic pieces and latest novelties, including the Silent collection of the studio BIG-GAME.

Founded in 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium by Axel Van Den Bossche and Veerle Wenes, valerie_objects offers the designers it collaborates with to bring their ideas and desires to life. In Berlin, the brand will exhibit several pieces from its iconic collections for a month. Among those presented: Tramonti by Maria Scapurlla, Inner Circles by Maarten Baas, Alu and Rocking Chair by Muller Van Severen, Lamps by Muller Van Severen in collaboration with Maarten De Ceulaer and the latest Silent collection by BIG-GAME.

Inner Circle Collection by Maarten Baas © Intramuros
Lamps by Muller Van Severen and Maarten De Ceulaer © Intramuros

A panel of collections that reveals itself as the showcase of a work that has been growing and strengthening for seven years. And for the occasion, the designers of the Swiss studio BIG-GAME were present to tell the story of the Silent wooden collection, which consists of a chair, a table, a stool and a bench. A new collection all in colors, with pieces that would remind “a little those that could be found in the studio of a painter”, to quote the words used by BIG-GAME.

In the foreground: Rocking Chair by Muller Van Severen
Bottom left: Silent by Big Game
At the bottom right: Alu Chair by Muller Van Severen
Tramonti of Maria Scapurlla

Quiet, authentic and functional

At the beginning of this collaboration, the challenge was to propose a collection of furniture in wood.A challenge taken up by the trio BIG-GAME, already familiar with the work of valerie_objects. “We really like the line that can be drawn between art and design in the brand’s pieces. We are not sure if they are works of art or really functional objects. For this collection, the studio confides that it has done a lot of work on the colors:
“We tried to get out of the palettes that you can see everywhere.
We imagined colors that had no frame of reference. In the same way, the work of the material and the touch of the wood imported a lot to the designers. Indeed, they confide that they wanted to create a contrast between the smooth and synthetic aspect that may occur at first glance, but which then reveals, if we linger to observe the pieces more closely, the marked veins of wood, left so voluntarily.

Silent Collection by BIG-GAME © valerie_objects
The BIG-GAME Studio © Intramuros

To imagine Silent, the designers were largely inspired by art, mixing a bit of Mondrian’s modernism with Stein’s movement. The end result is colorful and geometric pieces that look like they came straight out of a paint can. “We wanted to propose a contrast between the rather rigid and geometrical side of the shape of the pieces with a rather sharp color palette. This created a shift that ultimately vibrates quite strongly.
Maïa Pois