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Utopia Design: U-Carbon at the service of creative design

By developing its creations in u-carbon – 100% recycled carbon fiber from aeronautical industry waste – the Utopic Design entity intends to promote the use of this cutting-edge material in high-end design and interior architecture.

With the Utopic design brand, the point of convergence between designers and engineers has undoubtedly never been so close to the major current challenges of the design of high-end objects: creating products that are both robust in terms of material and beautiful. in their aesthetics; and promote a principle of zero waste that is totally topical. Co-founded by an aeronautical engineer (Gaspard Mallet) and a designer interested in materials allowing “Enhancement through design” (Christophe Guérin), Utopic Design is a registered trademark of the company ReUSE COMPOSITES INNOVATION du premier cité (a company specializing in recycling), which has built all its know-how on a very specific material, u-carbon. “We were interested in this material because it is in a way at the limits of design and conception”, explains Gaspard Mallet. “It allows us to go further in terms of finesse and resistance. It allows you to do very aerial things in the form ”. Aerial forms? Nothing more logical indeed. Because at the base, u-carbon – 100% recycled carbon fiber – comes from production scraps from the aeronautical industry. A raw material that Utopic Design will sort, reassemble, shape by hand, then polymerize in its workshop to produce high quality objects.


Pedestals, coffee tables, consoles… and ultralight knives!

This production, Utopic Design conceives it in two ways. On the one hand, she creates her own objects in edition, notably through her Twist collection, mainly focused on furniture and decoration. Pedestal tables, coffee tables, but also wall clocks, etc., the hotel industry, particularly luxury goods, is the sector clearly targeted. But not only. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has thus placed an order from them for several made-to-measure copies of their elegant console with large rectangular trays. What already sit in some embassies, an international notoriety very made in France for the label.

On the other hand, Utopic Design develops project savings with very precise specifications. The brand has thus created serving trays for chef Alain Ducasse. Still in the field of high-end catering and to perfect its local roots (its workshop is located in Lezoux in Auvergne), Utopic Design has joined forces with a famous neighboring cutlery factory in Thiers (the Tarrerias-Bonjean house) and Julien Duboué, to design an ultralight “chef’s knife” responding by its use of u-carbon to the principles of promoting short supply chains also defended by the Landes “Top chef”. Only three years after its creation, Utopic Design therefore intends to continue its development and get closer to major publishing houses, such as Roche Bobois or Cinna. ” We really want to show that the use of carbon material presents both visual advantages, in marquetry, and technical advantages ” , continues Gaspar Mallet. “ Carbon fiber is still little used because it is an expensive product, but since it is recycled here, this opens up new perspectives, both in terms of design and interior architecture. “

Laurent Catala

Collection Twist by Guerin d'Utopic

The Twist by Guerin collection from Utopic Design includes coffee tables, pedestal tables and consoles, which can already be found in some French embassies.

Utopic Design has joined forces with a famous cutlery near Thiers
(the Tarrerias-Bonjean house) and Julien Duboué,
to design an ultralight “chef’s knife”.

Utopic Design, collection Ultime