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The UPERNOIR event is an invitation to explore the Pas de Calais and its curiosities, through unexpected trips around the Louvre-Lens, which have as a common thread the color black, black in all its forms.

With UPERNOIR, it is this post-industrial territory, a mining basin listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its regional capitals (Lens, Béthunes, Arras, Douai, St-Amand-les-Eaux, Valenciennes) that reveals all its authenticity , its specificity and its creativity, by focusing on culture to imagine its economic development and its future.
A major new destination for this end of spring when the need for adventure and freedom is irresistibly felt, UPERNOIR offers cultural, tourist, sports and culinary routes in order to explore the best, the ” uper »Of the North, carried by the humanist values, creators of meetings and emotions of all its actors.

Baptiste Ricatte and Camille Khorram, designers from the Hauts-de-France region win the prize for the reinterpreted miner’s lamp competition.
This “LUEUR” tealight lamp will be part of the ALL range of products (Around the Louvre Lens).

A gentle roaming by bike – the UPERLOOP experience – discovering the unmissable UPERCULTE exhibitions offered by Le Louvre-Lens with “the Tables of Power – a history of prestigious meals”, by the Center Minier de Leuward which highlights beautiful to designers Camille Khorram and Jean-Baptiste Ricatte and their ceramic miner’s lamp, or by the City of Electricians of Bruay-la-Buissière where philosophers, architects and designers invite collaborative design around brick (see Intramuros # 208) … For a generous offer based on the local terroir, street art and moments of sharing.

However, it is no coincidence that, in our culture, the sharing taking place around the table, the UPERMIAM experience ties this whole, and that the culinary designers Marc Brétillot and Marion Chatel-Chaix have worked to deploy concepts of specific food offers for picnics and take-out that complement the trips, or become the very object of these trips !

Seeking to define the taste of black which brings us back to the very origin of the transformation of ingredients, the designers were keen to meet the forty or so food craftsmen and to mix practices in order to create synergies. From this chromatic imagination, emblematic local products are revisited in culinary experiences; on the program, Freet’Art with customization of the French fries shack by Oak Oak, Rando 3B “Bicyclette, Brasserie, Tray of fries” or Picnic Rando of Chefs…

The high point of the event, the closing snack bringing together artisans, producers and restaurateurs, on Sunday June 27 at Parc d’Ohlain, imagined as a real party where socks and dark glasses will be required!


May 28 to June 27, 2021
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Pâtes noires et gugendo culinaire
UPERNOIR, ''la ville au fil de la brique'' © Cité des électriciens
UPERNOIR, brainstorming UPERMIAM © Marc Brétillot & Marion Chatel Chaix