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News / Thierry Launois: “JVD products are designed for the next 50 years”

Thierry Launois: “JVD products are designed for the next 50 years”

Thierry Launois has been managing JVD since 2016. Founded in 1984, this industrial company based in Nantes specializes in manufacturing hygiene equipment. In 2021, JVD unveils the Shield and Shield Compact air purifiers, the result of 5 years of research and whose design was imagined by Ramy Fishler.

The Aircare market has overdeveloped since the start of the health crisis. Can we say that there has been an accelerated awareness?

With nearly 15,000 liters of air breathed per day, air quality is indeed very important. Admittedly, the current context serves the cause of air treatment and has a positive aspect on the receptivity of our products, but we are trying to take a step back from the crisis. We don’t want them associated only with this parameter. JVD products are designed for the next 50 years and our awareness of exposure to contaminants and air pollution began five years ago, well before the crisis. We have launched studies on indoor air quality which have led to the launch of our collective and individual air purifiers in April and September 2021.

How do the R&D teams work at JVD?

There is a design office integrated into the company with a scientific team of seven people. We have also recruited a scientific director who is a doctor in the treatment of air quality. Having a team of experts translates the DNA of JVD which is to make a point of honor on an efficient and reliable investment. The work carried out has made it possible to develop two technologies; a passive one through a filtration system, and an active destructive one that will eliminate pollutants, odors and allergens.

You collaborated with Ramy Fishler for your range of Shield and Shield Compact air purifiers, a particular reason for this choice?

The products in the Shield range have a high level of performance and we really wanted the first contact, which is primarily visual, to confirm the user in this level of performance. The design of the Shield purifiers was imagined by Ramy and his team to achieve a specific ambition: to have products that you want to have close to you in your daily life. We certainly want beautiful products, but which respond to specific issues related to pollution, viruses and allergies. In view of the first feedback, the challenge was met brilliantly since the products have their place everywhere and the design appeals to users.

Shield Compact air purifier ©JVD
Portrait of Thierry Launois, CEO of JVD

What are the properties and particularities of the Shield range purifiers?

They are designed specifically to treat pollutants and contaminants. Currently, there are nearly 30% of French people with an allergy and a forecast of 50% by 2050. The technology developed within our purifiers leaves a feeling of permanent fresh air. They purify the air in collective spaces of up to 50m2 for the Shield and on a smaller individual surface for the Shield Compact. In addition, it is important to emphasize that our products are 100% Made in France since they are all manufactured within the factory in Nantes. We favor short circuits, which considerably reduces the company’s carbon impact.

Interview by Maïa Pois