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News / Events / The Visual Collisions by Nicolás Lamas

The Visual Collisions by Nicolás Lamas

In Tours, the exhibition “Times in collapse” by the Belgian visual artist Nicolás Lamas is a ecosystem combining installations, artefacts and works of art.

Freed from plastic hierarchies, this astonishing “archaeological landscape of the future” or cabinet of curiosities in the 21st century version brings together eras, types of objects and their cultural origin. Melted sneakers hybridize with plants, replicas of ancient sculptures with obsolete 20th century computer technology. In the main nave, an imposing wreckage of a damaged car where nature takes back its rights questions our finitude. Through incessant visual collisions involving a thousand and one reflections, the exhibition reassesses our relationship to the world and to other species.

Virginie Chuimer-Layen

© Josépha Blanchet - CCCOD, Tours.

Nicolás Lamas, Times in collapse, Center for Contemporary Creation Olivier Debré (CCCOD), Jardin François 1 er , 37000 Tours. Until August 29, 2021