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The relationship of the French to their habitat: first post-containment study conducted by IPEA and Esprit Meuble

Containment has profoundly changed the relationship of the French to their habitat. New uses have become established in everyday life and have given rise to new needs. A study of Esprit Meuble conducted with the Institute of Foresight and Studies for Furnishings ( IPEA) in the field with 3,000 households, from May 18 to 27.

In anticipation of the fair to be held in December, ESPRIT MEUBLE wished to enlighten the players in the sector so that they can support the changes made during this particular period and which are lastingly registered, and unveils the results of its study carried out in May with the IPEA. : “The habitat, sanctuary made safe by the Covid crisis: the French and their habitat since confinement. ”
In fact, for 70.1% of those questioned, the activities carried out in their accommodation made them want to redesign their interior … Whether it has forced us to tame solitude or cohabitation, confinement has led us to have to fight against the impression of confinement, with the results:

– luminosity, established as a staple food,
– the optimization of space, a new vital need.

The living room has become the privileged scene for new activities: teleworking, home schooling, sport or yoga at home, return to creative leisure … the modularity of the furniture becomes essential to define the spaces and compartmentalize the different times of the daytime. With teleworking, set to become permanent, new ergonomic needs are being felt: seating, lighting, acoustics, etc. The return to the stoves and a more ambitious kitchen have reinforced the requirements for functional furniture, more sophisticated household appliances, but also for more convivial spaces.

This spring, more conducive than ever to cleaning up, has highlighted the need for storage and organization solutions. Common spaces (courtyards, balconies, etc.) have also been reinvested, as precious places for socializing and sharing.

Purchases related to production methods
It was also a more contemplative period, during which the French were able to fill up on inspiration. Today they want their interior to be more in harmony with their personality, but also their values, rethought during this moment of introspection and questioning of our lifestyles. Authenticity, responsibility, ecology: from small gestures to big resolutions, our sensitivities to questions of sustainable development have developed, with attention paid beyond the offer, to production choices. Thus, 37.7% consider that a piece of furniture should not be manufactured on the other side of the world.

Find them study trends here , and the figures .

Note, this year the Salon Esprit Meuble, meeting place for interior design, will be held from December 5 to 8 in Paris.