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The program of the talks on Friday, September 9

At Espace Commines, Intramuros proposes its traditional Café, in partnership with Vitra and Akagreen. A meeting place where you can relax, hold meetings, eat and attend the Paris Design Week x Intramuros talks. Back to the program of Friday, September 9.

5:00-5:50 pm

Wood, trendy or timeless?

Turned wood, solid wood, combination of materials … The collections on the market reflect the interest of consumers for this noble material, also revalued by the technical possibilities of working. Focus on hinoki, a sacred Japanese wood that is easy to work with and very sensory.

With Gregory Lacoua, designer for Éditions Souchet, Taro Okabe, architect and Eñaut Jolimon de Haradener, CEO of Alki.

Taro Okabe, architect
Grégory Lacoua, designer
Eñaut Jolimon de Haradener, Chairman and CEO, ALKI

6:00-6:50 pm

Customer experience in the virtual world

Between websites, app development and, today, forays into the metaverse, the virtual customer experience is a full-fledged practice in retail. How to analyze customer behavior to better create emotion? How to make a meta-sensitive and attractive universe? And what are the ecological impacts of the development of this parallel market?

With Johanna Rowe Calvi, UX designer, Sandra Gasmi, founder of Demain! and Anne Asensio, vice-president of Design Experience Dassault Systèmes

Sandra Gasmi
Anne Ascensio
Johanna Rowe Calvi