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The ODP Letter N°685

Week of 07.03.2023


There is no need to rush for a recovery already started by postponing events initially planned for Tuesday to the following days, giving you a crazy race on Wednesday and Thursday! An effervescence after two weeks in the green – or white – and which already announces a promising spring in terms of creative events.

For all those who have not taken the road to Brussels and the inevitable Collectible, direction MAD and the exhibition dedicated to the designer François Azambourg with nearly 200 pieces from his studio, institutions, publishers and private collections, to penetrate the unsuspected creative universe of the designer in perpetual search of lightness, economy of means and sobriety.

At the Atelier Tarkett rue de Saintonge, the transformation of waste becomes a work of art when it is transformed into a building, at the Cloister of the Psalette: we tell you more here.

Eva Jospin will be a good excuse to check the diameter of the champagne bubbles and happily end the week.


So, enjoy and above all, take care!

Tuesday March 07

Objects AH23 – 10am / 6pm

Press presentation (05/07-03) of the Hermès Objects Fall/Winter 2023.

By invitation.


Hermès⎢10-12 rue d’Anjou – Paris 8 (M° Madeleine)



GROHE X 2023 Summit – Taking care of water – 10am / 6pm

Series of keynotes, roundtables, masterclasses complemented by Grohe product presentations, (07/09-03) on the Grohe X digital experience platform.


Registration here



Art X Women Rights – 7:30 pm / 9:30 pm

Opening of Fatimah Hossaini’s solo exhibition NFT, organized by Danae.IO and The Caring Gallery to celebrate International Women’s Rights Day. in the presence of the Afghan photographer and activist, who shows through her photographs, portraits of Afghan women from different cultures and traditions in Iran, Afghanistan and France.


17 rue du Bouloi – code A6521- Paris 1 (M° Palais Royal/Louvre-Rivoli)

Wednesday March 08

“Future of Home” – 08:45 / 10:00

Future of Home” conference presentation, a study of decorating and lifestyle trends conducted by the trend firm FS (FashionSnoops), which discusses consumer analysis and needs for the year 2024-25.

By invitation.

S2H⎢43 rue Blanche – Paris 9 (M° Blanche)



Hotel Capsule – 11:30 am / 12:15 pm

A new online interview about the capsule hotel concept. 45 minutes of exchange with Jérémie Cormier, co-founder of Pilo and Benjamin Clarens, architect and director of CUT Architectures, who created the Pilo Lyon concept, the first French capsule hotel, and Sylvie Adigard, journalist.

Registration here



Crush – 12h / 18h

3rd edition of Crush (08/18-03), an exhibition for art professionals revealing the creations in progress of 4th and 5th year students of the Beaux-Arts de Paris, accompanied by three guest curators: Marc Donnadieu, curator and art critic, Madeleine Mathé, curator and Stéphanie Pécourt, director of the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris. Scenography by the artist and designer Olivier Vadrot.

Palais des Études-Beaux-Arts de Paris⎢14 rue Bonaparte – Paris 6 (M° St-Germain-des-Prés)



Back and forth – 5pm / 8pm

Opening of the exhibition “Va-et-vient” (08-03/12-05), a selection of artists from the Laurent Godin gallery, offering a panorama of the French and international contemporary art scene. In the presence of Laurent Godin.
Manifesta⎢6 rue Pizay – Lyon 69



Welcoming, Welcoming, Welcoming – 18h

Opening of the exhibition sold for the benefit of the association Fertile ” Accueillir, cueillir, Recueillir ” (09/25-03), gathering eleven artists who have in common a practice of the attentive glance, an apprehension of the world as living space and who seize their environment in a concrete or metaphorical way.


Visit by appointment here
Fertile⎢11 rue Pierre Sarrazin – Paris 6 (M° Odéon)



Gardens of dreams around surrealism – 6pm

Round table within the framework of the exhibition “Gardens of dreams”, around the question of the onirism in the conception of the gardens in the twentieth century: the place of a sculpture in a modern garden and how the surrealists thought this last one.

With Émilie Bouvard (Scientific and Collections Director of the Giacometti Foundation),
Louis Gevart (art historian and art critic), Camille Lesouef (Dr. in art history and research engineer of the Ministry of Culture) and Hugo Daniel, moderator and head of the School of Modernities.

Institut Giacometti⎢5 rue Victor Schoelcher – Paris 14 (M° Raspail)



Collectible – 6pm / 8pm

Opening, by invitation, of the 6th edition of Collectible, an international fair dedicated to 21st century collectible design (09/12-03). Exceptional actors, galleries including La Galerie Sinople with new editions of objects and furniture signed Perron et Frères, design studios, architects, including AdriAn Blanc, Corpus Studio and institutions…

Press opening (10am/12pm).

Tour & Taxis⎢av. du Port/Havenlaan 86c – Brussels



Obvious lightness – 6pm / 9pm

Opening of the exhibition “Légèretés manifestes, François Azambourg, designer
(09-03/02-07). By invitation.

Press opening (09h30/11h).

MAD⎢Entrance by the Carrousel garden – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries)



Héléna Soubeyrand – 6:30 pm / 9 pm

Opening of the exhibition of figurative illustrations by Héléna Soubeyrand, actress and illustrator (09-03/09-04).

Hôtel des Académies des Arts⎢15 rue de la Grande Chaumière – Paris 6 (M° Vavin)



Der Sonnenstich – 7pm

Conversation between Katinka Bock on the occasion of her exhibition “Der Sonnenstich”, and Christophe Gallois, curator of the exhibition.

A visit that focuses on the links between the artist’s photographic practice, at the center of the exhibition, and his sculptural work.

Pernod Ricard Foundation ⎢1 Paul Ricard course – Paris 8 (M° St-Lazare)



“Dear Eugenie…” – 7pm / 9pm

Opening, by invitation, of the exhibition “Chère Eugénie…”, photographs in homage to the oldest Guerlain perfume bottle which celebrates its 170th anniversary and the 400th anniversary of the Pochet du Courval factory. Eleven contemporary artists address in their own way a very personal message to this Dear Eugenie, Eugenie de Montijo wife of Napoleon III. Each of them establishes an intimate dialogue with the empress through this precious Bee Bottle by summoning in turn light, transmission, the relationship with nature, bees, beauty, love of art and freedom.

Press visit Tuesday 07 – 09h/11h.

Maison Guerlain⎢68 av. des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° George V)



“I have done my best for you” (Phantom of Sheila Legge) – 7:30pm

Musical performance in homage to Sheila Legge – mysterious artist and important but unknown figure of surrealism – who summons her ghost in the form of a collective ritual thought around ” I have done my best for you “, a poem written after this mythical apparition.

During this performance, each spectator must wear a mask bearing the effigy of Sheila Legge, provided as an integral part of the in situ creation process.


Price 15€. On reservation


Institut Giacometti⎢5 rue Victor Schoelcher – Paris 14 (M° Raspail)

Thursday, March 09

Rest+art, the untold story of circularity – 09h

Press invitation to discover the exhibition “Rest+art, the untold story of circularity”. A total immersion among waste transformed into real works of art. Guided tour by Florian Bougeault, Director of Tarkett. The opportunity to see the commitments of Tarkett, the clever detour of the material and the second life offered to the coverings at the end of use.


Atelier Tarkett⎢43 rue de Saintonge – Paris 3 (M° Filles du Calvaire)



“The 80s. Fashion, design and graphics in France” – 09:00

The 1980s were a turning point in France, artistically, socially and politically, from the election of Mitterrand in 1981 to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. A decade marked by a heterogeneity in the field of creation: styles, references and approaches mix and overlap in a large kaleidoscope with heterogeneous images. Day Meeting with researchers and professionals for a discovery of the artistic production of this decade at the scale of the territories of France and the international scene.

With Angèle Merlin, Hélène Joyeux, Julie Goy, Florine Barnet, Florence Bousquet, Soline Nivet and Lionel Engrand.


Program and registration here


MAD⎢111 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries)



Designer’s Days – 09h / 11h

Press breakfast to discover the theme of the new edition of Designer’s Days, which are back! Meeting with the founding members.

Supported by more than twenty brands – those who initiated Designer’s Days 20 years ago – this 2023 event proposes to revive this festive tradition, in a spirit of openness, generosity and sharing!


Café Pierre Hermé⎢53-57 rue de Grenelle – Paris 7 (M° Rue du Bac)



6th edition of Revelations – 09h15

Press conference and presentation of the novelties of the 6th edition of Révélations, the International Biennial of Art and Design (07/11-06) at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, with Quebec as the featured nation.


On registration with


Residence of the Delegate General of Quebec in France⎢58 av. Foch – Paris 16 (M° Pte Dauphine)



Habitat design Lab – 09:30

The Habitat Design Lab welcomes Sophie Parachey, ceramic designer, whose work questions the disorientation, the antagonism of the ancestral and the modern, and the relationship with the living. Creations of objects, some of which function as modules, between functional and sculptural.


Habitat République⎢10 pl. de la République – Paris 10 (M° République)



VCC – 09:30 / 14:00

14th edition of the multi-brand Press Conference of the C-Comme Vous Agency.


On registration with


Maison de l’Amérique Latine⎢217 bd St-Germain – Paris 7 (M° Solférino)



Made in Design – 09h30 / 17h

Press presentation Made In Design of the new Outdoor collection at the private home of Cantine Laszlo alias Laszlo Badet around a modern and original catering, combining beauty and goodness! Aesthetic dishes like works of art that revisit the classic codes of food.


Canteen Lazlo⎢11 rue de Vaucouleurs – Paris 11 (M° Couronnes)



Brussels, a transition by design – 10:15

Strategic workshop within the framework of the 5th Forum of Urban Projects Grand Ouest. Ariella Masboungi – Grand Prix de l’urbanisme 2016 – returns, with two exceptional guests – Djamel Klouche‍‍, Associate Urbanist Architect, the AUC.
Grand Prix de l’urbanisme en 2021 and Thomas Vandenbrom, Urban Planner / Urban Programmer, City of Brussels – on the approach taken by the City of Brussels to develop its Municipal Sustainable Development Plan.


Registration here


Cité des Congrès⎢5 rue de Valmy – Nantes 44



Outdoor Molteni&C – 11am / 4pm

Press Preview of the Outdoor Collection.


Molteni&c Paris Flagship⎢22 rue des Sts-Pères – Paris 7 (M° Rue du Bac)



From Blue to Soul – 11am / 7pm

The immersive exhibition outside the walls of Amélie, Maison d’Art by the artist Florence Genou (09/15-03).


Galerie 3m2⎢Jardin du Palais Royal 145 galerie de Valois – Paris 1 (M° Palais Royal)



Le Nouveau Printemps – 2pm

Press conference of the Festival of contemporary creation “Le Nouveau Printemps”, in the presence of Hervé Chandès, Director of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Eugénie Lefebvre and Anne-Laure Belloc, Director and CEO of Le Nouveau Printemps and matali crasset, associate artist.


Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain⎢261 bd Raspail – Paris 14 (M° Raspail)



Isidore Leroy 5pm / 9pm

Cocktail for the inauguration of Isidore Leroy’s Parisian showcase. The opportunity to discover the brand’s new products as well as its first range of paint specially developed to match the home’s wallpapers.

Press reception (14h/18h).


Isidore Leroy⎢29 rue St-Sulpice – Paris 6 (M° Odéon)



Reconnection – 6pm

Opening of the exhibition “Reconnexion” (09/19-03) organized by Expérience Collective and the Virginie Lesage Gallery, various pieces of furniture from Alexandre Labruyère’s collections, a real dialogue between artists and craftsmen.


29 rue Charlot – Paris 3 (M° Fille du Calvaire)



The wardrobe of an imaginary woman – 18h

Opening of the exhibition “La garde-robe d’une femme imaginaire” (07/18-03) of the textile designer Aude Tahon who presents objects, sculptures and ornaments worked according to the traditional Korean technique of knots known as maedup knot art.


Ulgador⎢22 rue Bonaparte – Paris 6 (M° St-Germain-des-Prés)



Grand Prix de la Data – 18h

Award ceremony for the Grand Prix de la Data, which each year highlights the innovative use of data in the entire communication value chain. Round table discussion on the challenges of data, moderated by Nicolas Jaimes, editor-in-chief of Minted, awards ceremony moderated by Charlotte Bricard, closing ceremony and networking.


On registration here


Le Monde Group Auditorium⎢67 av. Pierre-Mendès-France – Paris 13 (M° Austerlitz)



L’Art Norén Season – 6pm / 8pm

Inauguration of the season and the Lars Norén tribute exhibition (10-03/30-07), two years after the death of the Swedish poet, director, playwright and author: exhibition, performances, readings, round tables, meetings, book launch…

Presentation of the exhibition Norén’s Art by Bobo Ericzén, curator of the exhibition, Nelly Bonner, daughter and legatee of Lars Norén, Per Hedström, director of exhibitions of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and Sara Arrhenius, director of the Swedish Institute.
Swedish Institute⎢11 rue Payenne – Paris 3 (M° St-Paul)



The know-how of decoration – 6:30 pm / 8 pm

Conference about the know-how of decoration and design with the houses Goossens and Lesage Intérieurs as well as Pierre Marie and Mathieu Buard.


On registration here


La Galerie du 19M⎢2 pl. Skanderbeg – Paris 19 (RER E Rosa Parks)



Paris Rêvé – 6:30 pm / 9:30 pm

Opening of the exhibition “Paris Rêvé” by Clara Panetier, new artist of the Sergent Paper catalog. 11 illustrations of his favorite Parisian places. In the presence of the artist.


Sergeant Paper⎢26 rue du Château d’Eau – Paris 10 (M° République)



White Sound – 7pm

Opening of the exhibition and launch of the book about the construction and handicraft work of the ecological hotel Son Blanc Farmhouse Menorca.

Collection of photos of the construction site and hotel furniture and discovery of the book Son Blanc, in the presence of the craftsmen around a cocktail.


Atelier du Pont⎢9 impasse Lamier – Paris 11 (M° Philippe Auguste)



Promenade(s) in Champagne – 21h45 / 00h

VIP opening, by invitation, of the Carte Blanche 2023 Maison Ruinart by the artist Eva Jospin.

An ephemeral exhibition with tasting of Ruinart vintages in the heart of the artist’s universe, inspired by the Champagne region and the history of the House to create a mineral and plant landscape (10/12-03).
Carreau du Temple⎢4 rue Eugène Spuller – Paris 3 (M° Temple)

Friday, March 10th

Art & Industry Triennial – 09h

Press breakfast and presentation of the program of the Art & Industry Triennial #2 “Human Heat, Energy Consciousness” (10-06/07-01-2024) to be held in Dunkirk (Hauts-de-France), in the presence of Anna Colin and Camille Richert, curators of the Art & Industry Triennial #2. Environmental, societal, geopolitical and economic issues, through the eyes of 120 artists, with productions over the last 50 years, from the first energy crisis of 1972 to the present day, including commissions for public space in progress.


Confirm with


Café Beaubourg⎢43 rue St-Merri – Paris 4 (M° Hôtel de Ville)



EPSAA Open House – 10am / 8pm

The School of Visual Communication of the City of Paris opens its doors to the public (10/11-03). Exhibition of works by students in preparatory class, graphic arts and post-graduate digital media.
Manufacture des Œillets⎢1 pl. Pierre Gosnat – Ivry-s-Seine 94 (M° Mairie d’Ivry)



First Dizzy – 11am

Press presentation of the group exhibition “Premiers Vertiges” (11-03/07-04), with, among others, Marcella Barceló, Olivier Gagnère, Elizabeth Garouste, Charles de Vilmorin or Robert Wilson, and where a carte blanche is given to the curator Elise Roche.


Ketabi Bourdet⎢22 passage Dauphine – Paris 6 (M° Odéon)



The Intelligence of the Hand® – 5pm

Round table on the Intelligence of the Hand®, in the presence of the winners of the Liliane Bettencourt Prize for the Intelligence of the Hand® with Marc Aurel, designer, Fanny Boucher, heliograveur, Dimitry Hlinka, designer, Aurélie Lanoiselée, embroiderer, textile designer, Nicolas Pinon, lacquerer, Pascale Riberolles, visual artist and Hedwige Gronier, director of the cultural sponsorship of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.

Moderated by Giovanna Massoni, design consultant/curator.

By invitation.


Tour & Taxis⎢av. du Port/Havenlaan 86c – Brussels



TEFAF Maastricht – 7pm

Vernissages (09/10-03), by invitation, of the first world fair of fine arts, antiques and design (11/19-03) with more than 200 prestigious galleries – including the Maria Wettergren gallery.

Presentation by the Mobilier National of the Eidos XXI collection by Benjamin Graindorge, published by Ymer&Malta and prototyped by the ARC (Atelier de Recherche et Création) of the Mobilier National.


MECC Maastricht⎢Forum 100 – Maastricht

Saturday, March 11

“One, Two, Three, Color” – 3pm

Opening of the exhibition at the Espace d’art Chaillioux ” Un, deux, trois, couleur ” with the works of Michel Galvin, Hélène Jacqz, Corinne Jullien, Nicolas Kuligowski and Hélène Néraud (11-03/13-05), and the KIF Orchestra, Balkan music.

Espace d’art Chaillioux⎢7 rue Louise Bourgeois – Fresnes 94

Sunday, March 12


Monday, March 13th

The Sacred Wood of the Convent of La Tourette – 6:30 pm

Meeting organized by the Artcurial bookstore and the Galerie 8+4 with the participation of Henry-Claude Cousseau, art historian and honorary general curator of heritage, and Brother Marc Chauveau, art historian, Dominican at the convent of La Tourette on the occasion of the presentation of the artist’s book by Giuseppe Penone, The Sacred Wood of the convent of La Tourette.


Artcurial⎢7 rond-point des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Franklin D. Roosevelt)


“First moult


“Première Mue” is an installation of material and parametric design, imagined by the designers of Hors studio and Bold design and exhibited at the Cloître de la Psalette (03-03/07-05), as part of the Ministry of Culture’s support program for artistic creation, Mondes nouveaux.


In homage to the adjoining Saint-Gatien cathedral (in Tours) and its builders, the quartet of designers imagined for the Cloître de la Psalette a space of contemplation composed of seats, arranged in an arc around a central column.
Elodie Michaud and Rebecca Fézard, founders of Hors-Studio, as well as William Boujon and Julien Benayoun, creators of the design agency Bold Design, have worked tirelessly for over a year to propose this micro-architecture made in 3D printing with Leatherstone© – a biomaterial made from leather scraps and binders of natural and biodegradable origin – a work that combines art, design, innovation and science.


In dialogue with the ornamental repertoire of the cloister, a transitional building between the Gothic and Renaissance styles, the designers developed a new graphic and aesthetic register, defined by parametric tools and 3D printing using robotic arms that normally extrude concrete. The column, a symbol of elevation and the highest point of the installation, evokes our cultural and architectural heritage and invites us to rethink our modes of production and their environmental impact.


3D leather printing, without petrochemicals and with a low carbon impact!

This facility is a first step in building new ways of building and manufacturing with waste materials.
Leatherstone©, which requires very little energy, does not need to be fired and dries in the open air, becoming as hard as stone, is a material full of promise that opens the way to other ductile and extrudable materials developed within Hors-Studio (research that will be exhibited as part of the Agora du Design grant in Spring 2024).

Biopolymers associated with the resources of the XXIst century (waste) allow the invention of new materials which have their place in the field of design and architecture.

And the resource seems inexhaustible!
Behind the scenes of the making of Première Mue in video :

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