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The ODP Letter N°683

Week of 07.02.2023

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The weeks follow one another and resemble one another in the uncertainty of appointments maintained and postponed; if you were dreaming of those of four days, consider that this one is graciously offered to you.

On the agenda of this new issue, technological and digital innovation, new chairs, a new look and a new place, a new showroom, new media, new collaboration or collection and new professionals who have everything of the great!


So, enjoy and above all, take care!

Tueday,  February 07

Maison d’Exceptions – Première Vision – 09h / 18h30

The 10th edition of Maison d’Exceptions, a space dedicated to rare and cutting-edge know-how – to high-creativity textiles – exclusively reserved for luxury brands and accessible by invitation only, returns (07/09-02) to the heart of Première Vision Paris.

Featuring, among others, Janaïna Milheiro, a contemporary and singular featherworker with unprecedented skills blending arts and crafts, design and technical innovation.


Parc des Expositions⎢Paris Nord Villepinte – Villepinte 93 (RER B Parc des Expositions)


Super Terram – 10am / 1pm & 3pm / 6pm

Press opening of “Super Terram” (10-02/19-03), in the presence of 10 international urban art artists gathered at the invitation of the Desperados Foundation for Urban Art, to produce an immersive exhibition in a former industrial factory in the 11th district of Paris. An allegory of our artificial contemporary lives in loss of reference points in front of Nature and the elements which constitute the existence.

With Michael Beitz, Gonzalo Borondo, the CELA collective, A. L. Crego, Germain Ipin, Joaquín Jara, Amir Roti, Seth, Axel Void and Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope.

Gaël Lefeuvre, artist-curator.

Confirm with


Espace Voltaire⎢81 bd Voltaire – Paris 11 (M° St-Ambroise)


Innovation Tuesday – 6:30 pm

Innovation Tuesday live from the WebTV “Innovation Tuesdays” on YouTube on the contributions of digital technologies for public health: current situation, challenges and prospects for tomorrow.

Faced with the major challenges of public health (aging population, lack of doctors and health care workers, new pandemics …), digital technologies are and will be increasingly used: AI, big data, Internet of Things …

With Pierre Métivier, Expert in the Internet of IoT and contactless services, NFC, RFID. Founder of Net7 innovation, lecturer at the Sorbonne, Isabelle Vitali, Global Head Digital Innovation at Sanofi – Founder of Future4care, the biggest EU Digital Health Accelerator for Startups (funded by Sanofi, CapGemini, Generali & Orange) and Céline Giget, Project Manager and Data Manager Est-Rescue: Observatory and network of Emergency rooms in the Grand Est region.


Registration here


Visible Invisible – 7:30 pm

Launch of Visible Invisible, the exhibition catalog of ENSA Versailles within the framework of the BAP 2022 (Biennale Architecture Paysage). Faced with the ecological emergency, new architectures are emerging in France and around the world. To invent them, their authors are questioning what is at the source of architecture by developing new languages thus oscillating between visible and invisible architecture, a rediscovery of material and energy rationality.


Volume⎢47 rue N. D. de Nazareth – Paris 3 (M° Strasbourg St-Denis)

Wednesday, February 08

Super Terram – 10am / 1pm

2nd Press opening of “Super Terram” (10-02/19-03), if the strike prevented you from being there the day before, in the presence of 10 international urban art artists gathered at the invitation of the Desperados Foundation for Urban Art, with Michael Beitz, Gonzalo Borondo, the CELA collective, A. L. Crego, Germain Ipin, Joaquín Jara, Amir Roti, Seth, Axel Void, Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope and Gaël Lefeuvre, artist-curator.

Confirm with


Espace Voltaire⎢81 bd Voltaire – Paris 11 (M° St-Ambroise)



Lighting for entrepreneurs – 2:30 pm

ADAGP’s training meeting to better understand and manage your copyright, open to any artist in the visual arts (design, architecture, crafts, sculpture, photography, etc.) wishing to understand: the role and missions of ADAGP, the issues related to copyright and the defense of the interests of authors in France and abroad, to know the terms of membership and the mechanisms of support for creation and accompaniment offered at ADAGP (grants, residencies, training, etc.).

Registration here


BDMMA⎢30 rue du Fbg St-Antoine – Paris 12 (M° Bastille)


Affordable Art Fair Brussels – 5pm / 10pm

Opening of the Affordable Art Fair Brussels (08/12-02). 14th edition of the Belgian and international galleries fair in Brussels.


Invitation here
Tour & Taxis⎢avenue du Port 86C 88 – Brussels




“Clothing practices, territories and subcultures” – 6:30 pm

Conference on the fashion of the 80s, that of a new generation of designers (Claude Montana, Azzedine Alaïa, Jean Paul Gaultier) who no longer go through haute couture but directly through ready-to-wear and where the fashion shows become real shows. At the same time, clothing practices stemming from subcultures are developing. The idea of the look is primordial and the diffusion of these subcultures uses alternative means. With Mathilde Le Corre, co-curator of the exhibition “Années 80. Fashion, design and graphics in France” and Lola Barillot, art historian, graduate of the École du Louvre, specialized in the history of fashion and costume.


Registration here

MAD⎢111 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Palais Royal)




Poush – 18h45 / 19h45

Guided tours of Poush on Wednesdays (08, 15 & 25-02), a stunning exhibition space hosting the “La Casa” exhibition (03/24-02) of the winners of the Carré sur Seine Prize (an association committed to artists) of the past 10 years.


On registration here

Poush⎢153 av. Jean Jaurès – Aubervilliers 93 (M° Aubervilliers Pantin Quatre Chemins)




The sun is not dead – 7pm

Rendezvous dedicated to the debates of society, the cycle “Inspire, breathe” lingers on the impasses, environmental, social, racial, democratic around which the era is knotted.

“It’s not dead, the sun!” with Emma Carenini, hosted by Jean-Marie Durand.

Fondation E. Ricard⎢1 cours P. Ricard – Paris 8 (M° St-Lazare)

Thursday, February 09

Pinterest Predicts 2023 – 08:30 / 11:30 a.m.

Special media agency conference: “Discover how Pinterest Predicts trends can boost your business”. Experts, partners and content creators to discover the interests of tomorrow’s consumers and use these insights to optimize your communications. The whole thing is moderated by Nicolas Jaimes, editor in chief of Minted.


Registration here

Artcurial⎢7 rond-point des Champs-Elysées – Paris 8 (M° Franklin D. Roosevelt)



Archilive – 09h

Breakfast launch of the Archive concept, a program to promote and animate the showrooms of manufacturers of products and solutions for prescription, initiated by the Thema_Design agency.

From architecture to design and decoration, Archilive stimulates meetings between specifiers and manufacturers in their showrooms.

Reserved for companies.


By invitation to

Showroom eba⎢63 bd Hausmann – Paris 8 (M° Havre-Caumartin)



Gaggenau – 09h / 15h

Press day by invitation on the occasion of the opening of its new showroom in the heart of the St-Germain district. A new inspiring exhibition concept, a vector of emotions to understand the link between the brand and design, gastronomy and oenology.

Speaking points (11:00 a.m.) with Peter Goetz, CEO Gaggenau, Sven Baacke, Head of Design Gaggenau, Hendrick Müller, Architect 1zu33, and Sarah Zerbib, Director of Design Gaggenau. Gaggenau France, followed by an exclusive culinary workshop with pastry chef François Perret.

Gaggenau⎢240 bd St-Germain – Paris 7 (M° Rue du Bac)



EnerJ-meeting – 5:30 pm / 9 pm

EnerJ-meeting is the day of Energy and Environmental Efficiency in Buildings. Dedicated to networking and innovation in the building industry. Regulations and sobriety trends, zero carbon solutions; quality conferences; exchanges with exhibitors’ prescription managers; 120 renowned speakers.



Registration here


Palais Brongniart⎢16 pl. de la Bourse – Paris 2 (M° Bourse)



“Nothing lasts very long” – 6pm

As part of the extension of the immersive installation “Coke en Stock”, Régis R Prince of Plastic welcomes Matthieu Seel, author of “Rien ne dure vraiment longtemps” and L3Kah for a sound reading.

Performance at 8:30 pm and signing session.


La Shampouineuse⎢9 rue de la Nouvelle France – Aubervilliers 93 (M° Mairie d’Aubervilliers)



Margot X Cosentino – 7pm

Launch of the new Granville bathroom furniture collection developed with Silestone by Margot – design and production of fittings.


Registration here


Cosentino Paris⎢27 bd Malesherbes – Paris 8 (M° St-Augustin)



Sarcelles or Babel – 7:30 pm

Meeting around the book Sarcelles ou Babel – un portrait de ville by Jean-Patrick Fortin.

Will Sarcelles be the place where a cosmopolitan urban civilization emerges: a Babel? Or will it have a future as a community town? The portrait of this city of 60,000 inhabitants.


Volume⎢47 rue N. D. de Nazareth – Paris 3 (M° Strasbourg St-Denis)

Friday, February 10th

First Kira Collection – 09h30 / 11h30

Press breakfast about Kira’s first collection around its founder Roma Akira Frankel.


Kira⎢11 bd Marguerite de Rochechouart – Paris 9 (M° Barbès-Rochechouart)



Open House of the isdaT – 11am / 8pm

Open house of the isdaT (Higher Institute of Arts and Design of Toulouse) (10/11-02).
Conferences, thematic meetings and concerts broadcasted live on Saturday on the school’s YouTube channel. Demonstrations in the technical workshops and dance classes organized in the studios of the Saint-Pierre site open to the public on Saturday afternoon.


IsdaT Site Daurade⎢5 quai de la Daurade – Toulouse 31

Saturday, February 11


Sunday, February 12


Monday, February 13

Der Sonnenstich – 6pm / 8:30pm

Opening of the exhibition “Der Sonnenstich” by the photographer Katinka Bock (14-02/29-04) with about sixty unpublished pictures.

Fondation E. Ricard⎢1 cours P. Ricard – Paris 8 (M° St-Lazare)




Living in the oblique & Wandering in the illusion – 6:30 pm

Presentation and launch of two books Vivre à l’oblique and Errer dans l’illusion, republished by Bernard Chauveau Édition for the centenary of the birth of visionary architect Claude Parent.

Roundtable discussion with Chloé Parent, Odile Decq, Mehrad Sarmadi and François Letaillieur accompanied by a filmed intervention by Loris Gréaud.

Artcurial⎢7 rd-pt des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Franklin D. Roosevelt)


What better time to go colorful than a gray day?


The color does not add a pleasure to the drawing, it strengthens it “, said the painter Pierre Bonnard. This statement still resonates as color becomes an increasingly apparent element in the world of architecture and design.

Inaugurating its showroom on rue du Chemin Vert, Jung – switches and home automation – exhibited its classic LS 990 switch in the 63 original colors of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier palette, always timeless and powerful.

To capture the depth, the German brand hand-paints its unchanging model using a special process that results in an exceptional matte surface.

To present its new range, Jung invited to a thematic cocktail for devotees!

The immersive experience that culinary design brings to this type of event is the sharing of the collective creation process. It is a sensory and evasive change management towards a universe, an identity, a new territory to discover. A path that is easy to take, pleasant to walk and difficult to forget, believe us!
At the piano, for a chromatic journey of Rubia 230, Vermillon 244 and Outremer 261, the surprise of the sparkling duo E&C made up of Emma Vergne and Capucine Bricewho recently graduated from the Esad de Reims and are worthy of their masters in this field (Julie Rothhahn and Germain Bourré).

At the buffet, a colorful array of onigiri puffs, polychrome soups, radiant sandwiches, Modulor tarts or electric sweets…

With this, you can easily take back the purple on the orange…

A scenographic and experiential cocktail that makes sense and awakens them all!



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