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The ODP Letter N°675

Week of 22.11.2022


The Ensci had just paid tribute to Marc Berthier after the death of Yves Domergue, and two days ago we also learned of the death of Fernando Campana, who, with his brother Humberto, had founded Estudio Campana in 1984. Standard bearers of Brazilian design, two years ago they celebrated the 35th anniversary of their design studio in the former villa of architect Lina Bo Bardi in the suburbs of São Paulo.

Coincidentally, this icon of modern architecture, with her free-form plan, her construction on stilts and her entirely glazed facades, but also an editor, jewelry designer, decorator, illustrator, furniture designer and talented curator, is this week honored through the Piasa auction of her Zig Zag chair alongside José Zanine Caldas or Oscar Niemeyer.

And it is still the Ensci, whose 40th anniversary will be celebrated, that we invite you to join tomorrow, for a debate between designers, industrial partners, institutions and academics, through societal and contemporary issues.

And for the festive side of the anniversaries, direction RBC to celebrate the thirty years of creations of Studio Naço.


So, enjoy and above all, take care!

Monday, November 21st

Trilogy accessories – 11am / 7pm

Trilogy Accessories Exhibition (17/27-11) an exhibition of French know-how. A selection of creative French brands in leather goods, shoes, gloves and skins.


Galerie Dominique Fiat⎢16 rue des Coutures St-Gervais – Paris 3 (M° St-Paul/Chemin Vert)



Words and industrial gestures – 5pm / 10pm

As part of the 40th anniversary of Ensci, exhibition and series of meetings around Paroles et Gestuelles Industrielles (21/22-11).

“How does today’s industry combine in the plural?”

The school reminds us of the importance of its partnerships, which reinforces the central place of the project in the learning process of design.
The aim is to show how, by intervening at the heart of manufacturing processes or redefining production and distribution systems, design can reinvent industry so that it becomes a vector of reasoned development.


Program and registration here


Ensci-Les Ateliers⎢48 rue St-Sabin – Paris 11 (M° Chemin Vert)



The Mathias Award – 7pm

Presentation of the Mathias 2022 Prize awarded by the “Matières Libres” Association to encourage a young person in training, self-taught or young professional in the field of Applied Arts and Crafts.


By invitation.


MAD⎢107 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries)



Parliament of the Living – 7pm

New Worlds Evening #6 – an evening of creators questioning and anticipating future worlds, organized by Caroline Naphegyi – where the “Parliament of the Living” will see all forms of terrestrial inhabitants gather to debate and decide on their common future: humans, but also plants, animals, seas or forests will take part in the discussion, the negotiation, the arbitrations, the ideals and the concessions

With Jean Echenoz, Ramy Fischler, Dominique Pinon, Jean Thoby.


P. Ricard Foundation⎢1 course Paul Ricard – Paris 8 (M° St-Lazare)

Tuesday, November 22nd

New Collections – 09h30 / 16h

Press presentation of the new collections: L’Envolée Fantastique, the first range of Chenille Athéna and new colors of Velours Nabab, from Lelièvre Paris, the first Outdoor collection Lelièvre Paris, in collaboration with Ego Paris as well as the fabric Les Grenades, from Tassinari & Chatel.


Showroom Lelièvre⎢13 rue du Mail – Paris 2 (M° Sentier)



“The Future of Health Care Design” – 4:00 p.m.

Corian® Design Talks on the Future of Healthcare Design: Hygiene and Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities

Webinair organized by designboom and ArchDaily.


Registration here



Brionvega – 16:30 / 18:30

Meeting with Alessandro Cini of the family business Brionvega, a brand of BV 2 srl, based in Milan, Italy, whose mission is to revive, on a global scale, the icons of design made in Italy, through the objects that made its history. Among others, the iconic Radiocubo, Radio Grattacielo, Radiofonografo, Doney, Algol, signed by the greatest Italian designers.


By appointment with


Agence 14Septembre⎢44 rue Alexandre Dumas – Paris 11 (M° Rue des Boulets)

Wednesday, November 23rd

“Hearth” Aesthetics of the Anthropocene, Fear, Delight, Hope – 09:30 am / 6 pm

1st study days “Hearth” devoted to Art and the Anthropocene at the École nationale supérieure des Arts (ENSA) in Dijon (23/24-11), which are part of the continuity and evolution of the reflections developed in the ARC (research and creation workshop) around the issues related to art and ecology.


Program here

ENSA Dijon⎢3 rue Michelet – Dijon 21



Marketing Day – 08h30 / 18h

Marketing Day 2022, a full day of round tables, case studies and tool presentations for a complete overview of the new strategies and latest trends in marketing with the best specialists in the sector.

Discover the answers of creatives around the theme: What future for creatives in the face of AI? With the intervention of Mélanie Pennec, Exe. Creative Dir. of DDB Paris & David Raichmann, Exe. Creative Dir.of Ogilvy Paris.


Program and registration here

Laho Business Center⎢5/9 rue Van Gogh – Paris 12 (M° Gare de Lyon)



Textile – Clothing… – 6pm / 7:30pm

R3iLab’s online meet-up on the environmental transition and the energy crisis: how to reconcile the imperatives of the ecological transition with the constraints of the energy crisis, which makes the articulation of the long term (investments) with the short term (preserving margins) more complex?

With business leaders, distributors, experts and representatives of the Ministry of Energy Transition.


Registration here



Flora – 6pm

Opening of the exhibition “Flore” by Martin Jarrie, painter and illustrator, around portraits of flowers.


Artazart⎢83 quai de Valmy – Paris 10 (M° Jacques Bonsergent)



Brazilian Design – 7pm

Auction dedicated to Brazilian design. Pieces designed by key figures: Jose Zanine, Oscar Niemeyer, Lina Bo Bardi…


Piasa⎢118 rue du Fbg St-Honoré – Paris 8 (M° Miromesnil)

Thursday, November 24th

Frühstück materialO – 09h

Monthly breakfast organized at matériO’ showroom to present the latest samples received and integrated in the database.

On the day of Freddie Mercury’s death, this frühstück, normally reserved for members only, is exceptionally open to anyone who is not yet a member of matériO but has a beautiful moustache (real or fake), like Freddie’s.


Registration here


matériO⎢8 rue Chaptal – Paris 9 (M° Pigalle)



Habitat Design Lab – 09:30

The Habitat Design Lab invites you to discover Camille Esnée, a young ceramic designer (> 13-02-23). From utilitarian to non-utilitarian objects, from bright colors to more neutral tones, Camille pushes us to rethink how we interact with them.


Habitat République⎢10 pl. de la République – Paris 10 (M° République)



The Taste of Milk – 10am / 5pm

On the occasion of the International Festival of Culinary Photography (18-11/04-12), a day of meetings around round tables, conferences, talks with guests including Mathilde de L’Ecotais, Loïc Bienassis, Chef David Rodriguez, or the designer Sylvie Amar.


Salle Olympe de Gouges⎢15 rue Merlin – Paris 11 (M° Père Lachaise)



Architect@work – 10am / 7pm

The atypical event, reserved for architects and other specifiers, in Nantes (24/25-11) with a selection of over 350 new products from 120 manufacturers.
Rich and complete program of interventions and exhibitions on architecture.


Registration here


Parc des Expositions La Beaujoire⎢route de St-Joseph de Porterie – Nantes 44



Transformation of the Pleyel Tower in St-Denis – 11am / 1pm

Meeting of the CAUE du 93, with a 1st discovery from a nearby building offering a view on the construction site of the Business Resort Paris Pleyel. The historic Pleyel office tower is currently being restructured to accommodate, in 2024, a 4* hotel with 700 rooms and 40 floors, emblematic of the future Business Resort Paris Pleyel.

With Marie Larrieu, in charge of communication for the CAUE 93 meetings and Boris Litty, CEO of Financière des Quatre Rives, who is piloting the project.
Registration here


153 bd Anatole France – St-Denis 93 (M° Carrefour Pleyel)



What is design? – 1:30 pm / 4:30 pm

Design Spot workshop at the University of Paris-Saclay, led by Yoann Montenot, designer and project manager at Design Spot. To broaden your knowledge of design and measure the interest of using it in your projects, in a friendly and participative setting.

How the designer can be a major actor in the different phases of designing objects and experiences (products, interfaces, services, spaces…).


Registration here


Université Paris-Saclay⎢3 rue Joliot Curie – Gif-sur-Yvette 91



The Holker album – 6:30 pm

Conference around the book dedicated to the Holker album, masterpiece of the textile collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The result of Franco-British rivalry, this album contains 115 textile samples collected by John Holker, a former Lancashire textile worker who became a spy in the pay of the French, during a secret mission to Britain in 1751. Precious manuscript known to preserve among the first samples of fabric of jean…


Registration here


MAD⎢111 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries/Palais Royal)



From the art of the table to the art of living – 7pm

Opening of the exhibition Atelier George, “From the art of the table to the art of living”.

Discovery of the Tango creation edition by Archik.


Maison Archik Paris⎢14 rue de Montmorency – Paris 3 (M° Arts & Métiers)



Studio Naço / 30 years of creation – 7pm

Cocktail for the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the 30 years of creation of the Naço studio (25-11/06-01-23). Presentation of Marcelo Joulia’s book “Intuition”, co-published by Imbernon and Syndicat Empire, in the presence of Alexandre Sap, as well as a collaboration with the brand Homecore for which he imagined a jacket unveiled in preview at RBC Paris, in the presence of Alexandre Guarneri.

Press visit 10h/13h.


RBC Paris⎢40 rue Violet – Paris 15 (M° Émile Zola)

Friday, November 25th

On the edge of emotions – 09:30 / 17:00

Study day proposing a collective reflection on the affective experiences considered as anodyne and the place they occupy in the exhibition places, seen as privileged spaces of circulation of the emotions. Program imagined in dialogue with the exhibition of the collection “À mains nues”, currently at the MAC VAL.

Round tables and artists’ performances.


MAC VAL ⎢pl. de la Libération – Vitry-sur-Seine 94



Garage Sale – 2pm / 5pm

Big Christmas bazaar at ceramist Isabelle Poupinel’s workshop (25/27-11).
Isabelle Poupinel⎢28 av. Gauged – Viroflay 78



Le Monde Sauvage – 7pm

3rd edition of the solidarity auction Le Monde Sauvage (25/27-11), to the benefit of La Maison des femmes Saint-Denis, a foundation that takes care of women in difficulty or victims of violence.

Iconic pieces from the collection (bedspreads, rugs, bedding…) to bet on while blaklishing Black Friday!
Registration here



My Ka You – 7pm

Opening of the private exhibition-sale of My Ka You handmade jewelry by Véronique Tatu and Henri Hénin (25/26-11).
Sale My Ka You⎢27 rue Durantin – Paris 18 (M° Abbesses/Blanche)

Saturday, November 26th

Christmas Pop-Up of the Ateliers de Paris – 11am / 7pm

Christmas Pop-up of the Ateliers de Paris (26-11/20-12) for unique, ethical and local gifts from a selection of designers, fashion and crafts.

With Purae (cosmetics), K-chik (fashion accessories), Agnès Sevestre (jewelry), In cute (fashion accessories), Studio Rice (fashion) and Galatée Pestre (jewelry).


Les Ateliers de Paris⎢30 rue du Fbg St-Antoine – Paris 12 (Bastille)



“Le Versailles des créateurs” – 11am / 7pm

Exhibition-Sale of creators. With the jewels of Murano Milodina Paris.


Place du marché Notre Dame – Versailles 78

Sunday, November 27


From Bo Bardi to Campana.


For a long time reserved for a public of enlightened amateurs, Brazilian design has not ceased to arouse growing interest, internationally and locally, from the great names of modernism (Sergio Rodrigues, Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin…) to the very productive Campana brothers.


It was Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992), a leading figure in the encounter between the modern movement and vernacular craftsmanship, who introduced Brazilian design to… Brazilians! A statement relayed by the exhibition “Maneira de expor: Arquitetura Expositiva di Lina Bo Bardi” in 2013 at the Museu de Casa Brasileira.

An opportunity to flashback on the innovative scenographies of this Italian-Brazilian architect, … who never ceased to underline the distinction, fundamental to her eyes, between popular culture and folklore. “I make this kind of exhibitions to recall the roots of the history of Brazil. It is very important, because after 1964 – the date of the military coup – they started, as in all countries that do not have democracy, to value the people and to degrade popular culture. Today you can’t talk about popular culture because everyone thinks about folklore. Folklore is reactionary, but popular culture is constantly changing. The things that are produced are things that we consume, that we use. They are not decorative things”, she explained, in French in the text, in a video of 1984 diffused in one of the rooms of the museum.


It is precisely this popular culture that nourished the Campana brothers’ design povera, which joyfully merges postmodernism and tropicalism [a movement born during the years of dictatorship, which juxtaposed the popular and the elite, the industrial and the craft, the provincial and the universal, to fight against the academic culture inherited from colonialism]. The term is, it is true, an oxymoron if we refer to the selling prices of some of their unique pieces, but hey… Impossible to deny that “THE brothers” as everyone calls them in Brazil have managed, through the Instituto Campana (the NGO they founded in 2009), to save know-how and jobs and make the new Brazilian design shine on the international scene.

Their best-seller, the Favelais a perfect example of a glocal product: produced today in the south of the country in the city of Santo Cristo – in the state of Rio Grande do Sul – where almost all the inhabitants are of German origin and speak Goethe’s language, it is then sent to Italy to Edra, which markets it, before being sent back to Brazil, copiously overtaxed in the process, so that it can proudly take pride of place in the living room of the wealthy people of Paulista!

Campana’s one-of-a-kind pieces and limited editions, on the other hand, are made in São Paulo in their downtown workshop. This is the case of the Flama leather upholstered chair, a functional version of one of the metal pieces created in 1989 for the “Uncomfortable” exhibition – a set of very heavy and not very functional chairs – which signed the arrival, in jet-lag, of postmodern radicalism in a country that had just come out of the dictatorship years. Or the new series of furniture Capacho (“doormat” in Portuguese) in marquetry of wood and coconut fibers where we find this taste of the detour of materials which characterizes their work.


The Campana Brothers were the first to break the traditional codes. Their work, often inspired by the favelas, is based on the detour of artisanal or recycled products (wood, fabrics, paper, stuffed animals…) with the iconic Vermelha chair for Edra and on the transgression of the canons of the aesthetics, baroque style to the limit of the kitsch. They use characteristic elements of Brazilian culture: colors, mixtures, creative chaos and simple solutions. The choice of material is often central to their work, seeking to transform ” poor or modest materials into opulent objects.

Among the kitsch accumulations that adorned tables and living rooms, the very disturbing fruit bowl
in arms and legs of dolls for Bernardaud, or the seat

in plush edited by the Brazilian studio…

Anne-France Berthelon – Libération

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