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The ODP Letter N°674

Week of 15.11.2022


An exceptional week in perspective since all the fields of creation are offered to your devouring appetite of discoveries and meetings. From R&D to packaging, furniture, culinary and even gardening!

If these last days it is theHospitality which dominated through EquipHotel with innovation trophies very much focused on usage, it is indeed on hospitality that our design focus is this time through the design and health study day of Lab-ah on this very topical issue: “The art of soothing and calming down in psychiatry”.


So, enjoy and above all, more than ever, take care!

Tuesday, November 15th

EnerJMeeting – 08h30 / 18h30

A day dedicated to the theme of energy and environmental efficiency in buildings, with conferences on “Construction, objective 0 carbon”, a design exhibition dedicated to networking and innovation, and “Objective 2050” renovation.
Cocktail at the end of the day.


Invitation here


Palais de la Bourse⎢pl. de la Bourse – Lyon 69



Fall 2022 – 09h / 15h

Press presentation of the Flos Fall 2022 collection, with creations by Barber & Osgerby, the Bouroullec Brothers, Marcel Wanders Studio, or Poletti…


Flos Flagship Store⎢15 rue de Bourgogne – Paris 7 (M° Solférino)



Data Textile – 09h / 13h

Data Textile Conferences. The Data Textile project initiated this year at the HEAR (Haute École des Arts du Rhin) has brought together the Textile Design major and the Visual Didactics workshop with the aim of exploring the potential of know-how and textile materials in the expression of digital data.

In other words, how to make visible and intelligible the abstraction of data through traditional textile techniques such as weaving and knitting?

With Olaf Avenati, designer, teacher and researcher, and Martin De Bie, designer and teacher, in partnership with Digora, a data management expert, and Tech4Gaya, which collects and activates environmental data to preserve biodiversity.


La Hear⎢3 quai des Pêcheurs – Mulhouse 68



“On the art of soothing and calming down in psychiatry” – 09:00 am / 5:30 pm

4th study day on design and health of the Lab-ah GHU Paris psychiatry & neurosciences, around the question: “How to articulate the skills of design to those of the medical and paramedical sciences to enrich the repertoire of resources available to users and professionals to soothe themselves and soothe?

With, among others, Anne-Lise Vernejoul, designer and project manager at Lab ah and Sophie Larger, designer and teacher at ENSAD.


Registration here


Grand Amphithéâtre du site Sainte-Anne⎢1 rue Cabanis – Paris 14 (M° St-Jacques/Glacière)



Les Places d’Or – 5pm / 10pm

18th edition of Places d’Or, luxury design & packaging exhibition (15/17-11). About fifty manufacturers and packaging designers, recognized by luxury brands for their know-how and creativity


Request invitation here


Le Meurice⎢228 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries)



Rencontres des Gobelins – 18h

Meeting of the Gobelins dedicated to the decorative art of the table – Dialogues of know-how, around the Pastry: how to expose and share the culinary arts through the example of the very recent Cité internationale de la gastronomie et du vin de Dijon.


Les Gobelins⎢42 av. des Gobelins – Paris 13 (M° Les Gobelins)



macparis – 18h / 22h

Opening of the macparis exhibition (14/20-11). Twenty-one visual artists of contemporary creation: installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, computer graphics, performance, video…


Your invitation



Bastille Design Center⎢74 Bld Richard Lenoir – Paris 11 (M° Richard Lenoir)



Innovation Tuesdays: major R&D issues and challenges – 6:30 pm / 8 pm

Our society is currently facing challenges that are unprecedented in their scope, urgency, globality and interactions. The ecological challenge is the most systemic with global warming, but also pollution, the fall of biodiversity and the depletion of key natural resources.

The question arises as to the ability of the R&D community to address these simultaneous challenges, through their diagnosis and the development of solutions to help solve them: multi-dimensional analysis of global R&D activity, the relationship between R&D, innovation, production and wealth creation.

Live on the YouTube channel Les Mardis de l’innovation.


Registration here

Wednesday, November 16th

LV Dream – 11am / 8pm

Inauguration of a new cultural and culinary destination in Paris, LV Dream, a Louis Vuitton exhibition and tasting space. As a tribute to the 160 years of creative exchanges that have fueled Louis Vuitton’s spirit of innovation, LV Dream invites visitors on an immersive journey to discover the House’s historical and contemporary artistic collaborations (16-11/15-11-23).

On the gourmet side, a café and a chocolate shop in collaboration with the Cheval Blanc Paris Pastry Chef, Maxime Frédéric.


Book your visit


LV Dream⎢2 rue du Pont-Neuf – Paris 1 (M° Pont-Neuf)

Thursday, November 17th

Acerbis – 10am / 5pm

Press presentation of Acerbis, exhibition of the Remasters collection in the presence of the creative director Francesco Meda and Enrico Acerbis.

Confirmation with:


Silvera Université⎢47 rue de l’Université – Paris 7 (M° Solférino)



Fairespectives Festival – 10am / 7:30pm

1st edition of Fairespectives (17/19-11), a festival organized by the Versailles Campus that highlights the arts and heritage professions involved in the ecological transition. Debates, workshops and master classes to understand and try out the projects and innovations of excellent craftsmen.

Sobriety, reuse, circular economy… the heritage trades of the craft industry did not wait for the popularization of these terms to adopt them in their practices. Biosourced or recycled, materials are reinvented to preserve resources and limit waste…


Registration for masterclasses



Versailles Campus ⎢av. Rockfeller – Versailles 78 (RER Versailles Château/Rive Gauche)



Pictet Workshops – 6pm

A friendly visit to discover the Pictet Workshops and the showroom by MDMA Paris, to grasp all the varieties of glass art techniques and the finishes that emerge.
Meeting with the team and Aurélie Kostka, the new manager.


Reception Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 (09h/18h) on reservation at


Ateliers Pictet⎢47 rue Oberkampf – Paris 11 (M° Parmentier)



Night Street Walk – 6pm / 9pm

Opening of Arnaud Eubelen’s exhibition, Night Street Walk (11-11/14-01-23).

9 luminous works, microarchitectures, which divert the codes and architectural elements such as the grids, the false walls, the facades, the windows, the curtains and the occulting films, all these layers which hide, which conceal the wall openings.


ToolsGalerie⎢16 rue des Coutures St-Gervais – Paris 3 (M° St-Sébastien-Froissart)



Circular Ruins – 6pm / 10pm

Opening of the solo exhibition of the aurèce vettier studio (18-11/17-12), a studio created by Paul Mouginot, mixing traditional crafts, such as sculpture and oil on canvas, and ultra-contemporary methods based on the dialogue with an artificial intelligence.


Gismondi & Darmo⎢20 rue Royale – Paris 8 (M° Concorde/Madeleine)



Prix de la Monnaie de Paris – 6:30 pm

Discovery of the medal of the 2022 winner, Pierre Charrié, and launch of the 3rd edition of the Prix de la Monnaie de Paris, created in 2020, which aims to strengthen exchanges between artisans and designers and promote the know-how of its workshops.

Catherine Meurisse, French illustrator, press cartoonist and comic book author is the patron of this edition.

Followed by a cocktail.


By invitation.


La Monnaie de Paris⎢11 quai de Conti – Paris 6 (M° St-Germain-des-Prés)



Convergences: company with impact? – 6:30 pm / 8 pm

Meet-up #6 of 104factory, the incubator of Le Centquatre, organized in collaboration with Convergences (an association that has been promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the fight against poverty, exclusion and climate change in developed and developing countries since 2008) on impact companies.
With Florence Baitinger, CEO of Gobi – accelerating change by doing good with products that have a positive impact across the board – and Morgan Moinet, CEO of Remix – a design office specializing in the reuse of construction materials, a subsidiary of the architecture firm Encore Heureux.


Registration here


Le 104⎢5 rue Curial – Paris 19 (M° Riquet)



Modular Imagination by Virgil Abloh – 6:30 pm / 9 pm

Cocktail around the exceptional project imagined by Virgil Abloh for Cassina, which questions and develops the implications of modularity in design, in a proposal open to take part in the configuration of space and the construction of new worlds.


On registration here


Cassina Paris Rive Droite⎢129 rue de Turenne – Paris 3 (M° République/Temple)



States of Glass – 7pm

Vernissage of the Atelier George Tango edition published by Archi, as well as the Cime Collection, selected extracts.


Maison Archik Marseille⎢50 rue Edmond Rostand – Marseille 13



There is no Such Thing as Bad Weather – 7pm

Opening of the exhibition “There is no Such Thing as Bad Weather” (28-11 / 29-01-23), which explores multiple ways to understand the overwhelming reality of climate change.

With works by Superflex Studio – which is working on a new kind of urbanism that includes the perspectives of plants and animals, and aims to move society towards living together as a species – illustrating three different approaches to climate change: Technocentric, Anthropocentric and Ecocentric.


Le Bicolore⎢142 av. des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Étoile)



Meeting with Martin de Bie – 19h

JAD meeting (Jardins des Métiers d’Art et du Design), with Martin de Bie, designer, teacher and researcher, co-founder of the DataPaulette collective, about the hybridization of digital technologies and artisanal know-how to meet the ecological challenges of the 21st century.

What if craftsmanship was the answer?

For Martin De Bie, the craft industry is a territory of dialogue where it is necessary to rethink, conceive and develop new typologies of digital objects in phase with the evolution of uses…


Registration here


Le JAD⎢ 6 Grande Rue – Sèvres 92 (M° Pont de Sèvres)

Friday, November 18

The Taste of Milk – 11am / 6pm

Exhibition “The Taste of Milk” (18-11/04-12), on the occasion of the 13th edition of the International Festival of Culinary Photography – FIPC 2022.


Salle Olympe de Gouges⎢15 rue Merlin – Paris 11 (M° Père Lachaise)



“Tomorrow, the Art of Gardens, Heritage and Ecology” – 2:00 pm / 6:00 pm

Meetings-debates on the theme: “Tomorrow, the Art of gardens, heritage and ecology
on the occasion of the 1st Meeting of the Friends of the European Remarkable Gardens and the anniversary of the association, in the presence of Jean-François Hebert, D. G. of Heritage and Architecture. Ministry of Culture and Olivier Mantei, CEO of the Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris.


By invitation.


Cité de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris⎢221 av. Jean Jaurès – Paris 19 (M° Pte de Pantin)



“Wonders” – 6pm / 9pm

Opening of the exhibition of animal sculptures by Sophie Verger.
Galerie Laverny⎢27 rue Guersant – Paris 17 (M° Ternes/Péreire/Pte Maillot)

Saturday, November 19th

“Synergies between tradition and modernity… – 10am / 6pm

Last day of the exhibition-sale of the event “Synergies between tradition and modernity / local crafts at the forefront of innovation” (02/19-11), organized by CLAIR Paris (Japan Center for Local Government) for its 10th edition. On this occasion, many departments and cities of Japan will be represented and several workshops conducted by craftsmen.


Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris⎢101 bis quai Branly – Paris 15 (M° Bir-Hakeim)



Everything must go – 12:30

Opening of the exhibition of Jean-Marie Donat’s impressive collection of photographs, “Tout doit disparaître” (19-11/12-02-23) which paints the portrait of a society that has been forged in the miracle of consumption. Or how to see in these idealized representations of the 20th century, the seeds of its ruin.


CRP/ Regional Center of Photography ⎢pl. des Nations – Doucha-les-Mines 59

Sunday, November 20th

Preserve Adapt Pass on – 11am & 3pm

Free guided tours of the exhibition “Conserve Adapt Transmit” (19/20-11) by architecture students.

Material, construction, electricity, heating, in the building industry carbon is everywhere, from design to use. Therefore, the best way to reduce emissions from this sector, one of the most carbon-intensive, is not to demolish in order to rebuild, but to conserve in order to store, and to adapt forms and materials in order to create buildings that are more virtuous in their operation and urbanity.
Pavillon de l’Arsenal⎢21 bd Morland – Paris 4 (M° Sully-Morland)

Monday, November 21st

Esprit Meuble – 7pm

Exceptional anniversary evening of the 10th edition of Esprit Meuble (19/22-11), international meeting place for furniture professionals.


Your invitation


Paris Expo Hall 7⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)

The lab-ah: GHU Paris’ laboratory for cultural innovation through design.


Founded and directed since 2016 by Carine Delanoë-Vieux and Marie Coirié, the lab-ah draws on the skills of design and cultural development to design and produce experiments around welcome and hospitality, with hospital users: patients, families and professionals.


Among its modes of action: the “chantiers d’attentions”, the lab-ah labs, and a scientific and cultural program.


And it is within the sites of attention that the design seeks to develop alternatives of appeasement, as for example, the space of appeasement: research-action which questions the evolution of the room of isolation towards a space of appeasement, or Psy-son: research project at the crossroads of the clinic, technologies for the music and the sound, and the design.

To summarize, the aim is to design, implement and evaluate a sound broadcasting device that allows to decrease the patients’ incipient anxiety in order to avoid the use of coercive measures.

When we know the development of the design of French loudspeakers, we can only get excited about a project with a form as accomplished as the use!

From this initiative came the Sounds for coma project and the possibility of acoustically modulating anxiety in neuro-resuscitation patients.

Hospital researchers from Neuro Sainte-Anne met with research teams from IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination of Acoustics and Music) – one of the largest public research centers in the world dedicated to musical creation and scientific research – to discuss the question of interactions between sound and emotions in a therapeutic context. A meeting that led to the research project, within the new building of Neuro Sainte-Anne, of rooms with controlled and modular acoustic properties.

The creation of resuscitation rooms is a unique clinical and translational neuroscience research project that aims to improve the experience of patients in the ICU and their management.


There is the sound, but there is also the taste! Lab-ah’s innovation through design laboratory also focuses on projects such as L’Eau à la Bouche: making meals more of a pleasure during hospitalization in psychiatry, where it is an experiment to improve the meal experience for hospitalized patients.

Facilities and accessories that create the atmosphere of a dining room as a place to live, and allow for a degree of personalization of plates for patients.

At the same time, a workshop on preparing and serving snacks offers professionals the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of the culinary gesture within the framework of hospital constraints.

The experimentation is continuing today with two perspectives: on the one hand, the realization of a satisfaction survey on this theme throughout the GHU, carried out with the catering service, the dietetic service and the quality department; on the other hand, support for the development of a trolley-cafeteria carried out by the Sector 28 team on the Avron hospital site, Paris XXe.


When will these design methodologies be applied to the entire hospital? To be continued!

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