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The ODP Letter N°673

Week of 08.11.2022


November. Autumn seems to be settling in at last, with its shortened days well before the aperitif hour and its temperatures requiring many warm and friendly places. To prefigure this slow-living trend, this desire to slow down, while wishing to be taken care of, the event of the week is EquipHotel, which responds to it in the best possible way with its innovations in what is now called hospitality.

Autumn is also often a return to our roots, and what better way to get back to our roots than at the Puces du Design? They are back under a new name The Place to Be Design, leaving you with little choice but to be there!

Finally, if this is also a season of plenty, signs of decline are inevitable. And it was with regret that we learned of the death of Yves Domergue, a pioneer of railway design in France and co-founder of the MBD Design agency – as well asthat of Marc Berthier, founder ofElium Studio, a few days ago, at 87 years old.

For odp, Frédéric Simon, founder of Nimos Design who was one of Yves Domergue’s collaborators, pays tribute to him here.


So, remember and above all, take care!

Sunday, November 06


EquipHotel – 09h30 / 19h

EquipHotel show (06/10-11); in 2022, committed hospitality is the common thread: terroirs, territories, “slow tech”, “slow living”, energy savings and soft mobility have become strong points for an establishment. As well as attractiveness, team spirit, inclusion and loyalty at the heart of the dynamics of a hotel or restaurant. The design of “living spaces”, where people come to sleep, have lunch or dinner, but also to work, recharge their batteries, and immerse themselves in a culture or nature close to home.

Round tables (06/09-11) led by Intramuros in partnership with the French Furniture, at the Interior Design Center (hall 7.2). Program



Your badge here


Paris Expo // Hall 7⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



United Artists for Ukraine – 7pm

Auction in favor of Ukrainian cultural institutions organized by the collective “United Artists for Ukraine”. With the help of the Ukrainian Institute of Culture, eight projects carefully selected from the country’s leading cultural institutions: Odesa Fine Arts Museum, The National Art Museum of Ukraine, The Ukrainian Institute, The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

In the presence of Jack Lang and the Ukrainian ambassador to France.


Institut du Monde Arabe⎢1 rue des Fossés St-Bernard – Paris 5 (M° Jussieu)

Monday, November 07

Experts’ path With Archistorm: Hotels and restaurants: the customer experience as a driver of creativity – 10am

Archistorm offers thematic guided tours (with free access to the exhibition, within the limits of available places), accompanied by personalities specialized in each field.

“The customer experience drives creativity with Camille Reinauld and Charlotte Fox, representatives of Label Expérience, an interior architecture, marketing and visual identity agency that challenges traditional practices by proposing new concepts where experience is central.


On registration:


Paris Expo // Hall 7.2⎢1 pl. from Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



Les Portes du Possibles – Art & Science Fiction – 10am / 6pm

The exhibition “The Doors of Possibility. Art & science fiction” (05-11/17-04-23) is part of a critical and socially engaged science fiction that emerged on the bangs of the hippie protest movements and explores the flaws of our immediate future, using philosophical, psychological, political, societal and ecological themes.

180 works from the end of the 1960s to the present day, by visual artists and writers, but also architects and filmmakers.


Center Pompidou Metz⎢1 parvis des Droits de l’Homme – Metz 57



“Birth of a major player in the French independent hotel industry” – 11am / 12pm

Press conference to announce the birth of a major player in the French independent hotel industry with Stéphane Radi, CEO of Contact Hotels.


Paris Expo // Hall 7.1⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



Charity Auction – 12:00

Catawiki auction (07/18-11) of about thirty pieces designed by Alain Gilles and published by Bonaldo, including 7 unique pieces designed exclusively for the occasion. For the benefit of the association l’Enfant Bleu Lyon which helps victims of child abuse.

Artistic, cultural and solidarity event, in connection with the world of design.


Sale here



Experts’ path With Archistorm: Eco-responsible innovation, how to reconcile technology, sustainability and design – 14h

“Eco-responsible innovation” with Laurent Maugoust, an interior designer known for his work on high-end hotel projects, playing with the codes of the Haussmann style and all that is specific to it: know-how, craftsmanship and beautiful materials are the basis of his creations.

For the 2022 edition, he imagined a concept around the hotel room. A scenographic experience as a platform to question the place that the “hostelry” in the philosophical sense could take in the city.


On registration:


Paris Expo // Hall 7.2⎢1 pl. from Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



Talk The hotel industry and the modularity of uses – 14h

Talk Intramuros about the hotel industry and the modularity of uses, with Eléna Apiou, Resp. design at Adagio, Tristan Lohner, designer and director of RBC Paris, Benjamin Clarens, architect at Cut Architectures and Ramy Fischler, designer, founder of RF Studio.


Paris Expo // Hall 7.2⎢1 pl. from Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



Beauty & CSR will always be right – 5pm

Conference organized by Ligne Roset Contract, moderated by Hélène Agullar (Où est le beau?) with Bruno Allard (Dir. Cinna), Guillaume Poignon (Dir. Atelier Emmaüs), Thomas Garmier (Pdt. The Great Hospitality), Emilie Röz (Interior designer).


Paris Expo // Hall 7.3⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



Bicycle(s), making bikes – 5pm / 9pm

Preview of “Bicyclette(s), faire des vélos” (08-11/01-05-23), an exhibition-event on the adventure of the tremendous revival of the bicycle in Europe and its manufacture in the 21st century. With more than 70 pieces that revolutionize cycling practices, transform lives and cities and give a glimpse of the bikes of the future, curated by Jean-Louis Frechin, Nodesign agency.

6:30 pm – musical interlude on the theme of the bicycle by the ensemble SyLF (Symphonie Loire Forez).


Cité du Design⎢3 rue Javelin Pagnon – St-Étienne 42



New Worlds #5 / Care for the Dead – 7pm

New Worlds at the Pernod Ricard Foundation: seven original evenings of artists questioning and anticipating the worlds to come, organized by Caroline Naphegyi.

Care for the dead: during an evening hosted by Olivia Cuir, Cynthia Fleury presents the Verstohlen Charter; Antoine Fenoglio and Hélène Frappat propose “a journey of sharing and experiences to commemorate those who allow us to remain with dignity.

Musical improvisation by Olivier Mellano.


Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard⎢1 cours Paul Ricard – Paris 8 (M° St-Lazare)

Tuesday, November 08

“Le Fil du Temps” – 08h30

Breakfast with Céline Melon, for a moment of exchange at Manifesta in order to (re)discover the exhibition “Le Fil du Temps” (>23-11). Presentation of the artists and the next events of the gallery.


Manifesta⎢6 rue Pizay – Lyon 69



The role of art and craft in creating human and unifying spaces – 2:00 pm

Conference The role of art and craft in creating human and unifying spaces. Or how “art has become inseparable from the design of community living spaces, fulfilling and that remind us of the beauty of the world” with Emmanuel Lelièvre (D.G. Lelièvre Paris) accompanied on stage by the architect and designer Tristan Auer, the founder and director of the Atelier Berger, Martin Berger, and Cédric Martineaud, D.A. of the agency 14 Septembre


Paris Expo // Hall 7.3⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)

Wednesday, November 09

Downtown Design – 12pm / 2pm

Press Preview of Downtown Design – Dubai Design District (09/12-11) the Middle East’s leading contemporary design fair featuring international and regional brands, manufacturers and designers.


Ticketing here

Dubai Design District ⎢d3 Waterfront Terrace – Dubai



Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale – 11am / 8pm

Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale (09/13-11), a new fair resulting from the alliance of the two entities to become the finest international event in Paris for the arts from Antiquity to the present day.
A 1st edition with 86 exhibitors. A social and cultural program of high standing (gala dinner organized by the SNA, Fine Arts Week, off-wall tour in synergy with the museums and Jacques Garcia to revisit a decor of the entrance …).


Ticketing here

Carrousel du Louvre⎢99 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Palais Royal)



Innovation Awards – 5pm

EquipHotel Innovations Awards Ceremony, which rewards the best innovations (products and services) from Hospitality and Foodservice suppliers. Four categories – design, technology & services, well-being, foodservice.

By invitation.

Paris Expo // Hall 7⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



The current challenges of the art market in galleries – 6:30 pm

Discussion moderated by Guy Boyer, Managing Editor. of Connaissance des Arts, on the current issues of galleries. In parallel with the Fine Arts Paris & La Biennale fair.

With Anisabelle Berès and Anthony Meyer, Marion Papillon and Benoît Sapiro.


On reservation


MAD⎢111 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries)



In the library of… – 7pm

Sylvain Bourmeau welcomes the architect, urban planner and scenographer Patrick Bouchain, who since the 1980s has been committed to “building differently”, basing the legitimacy of each artistic, architectural or urban project on a fundamental analysis of contexts and needs, on the economy of means (“doing more with less”) and always placing the user at the heart of the design process.

Dive into his library.

Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard⎢1 cours Paul Ricard – Paris 8 (M° St-Lazare)



Paris Photo – 7pm

Opening of the Paris Photo fair (10/13-11), a must for anyone interested in photography and fine book publishing.

On the occasion of their 75th anniversary, the Magnum agency is offering a major retrospective under the aegis of Martin Parr as curator.

By invitation.

Grand Palais Ephémère⎢pl. Joffre – Paris 7 (M° École Militaire)

Thursday, November 10th

Study day: questions of style and interior design – 09h & 15h

Conference day around reconstructions of decorations – large watercolor drawings made in 1895 as part of the competition for the Universal Exhibition of 1900, organized by the Central Union of Decorative Arts or UCAD (now Les Arts Décoratifs) to design its own pavilion – used to understand the lifestyle of an era, in castles and monuments, or to make readable a history of forms in museums, based on the concept of styles, through a variety of objects.


On reservation



MAD⎢111 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries)



MiF Expo 2022 – 10am / 7pm

10th edition of MIF Expo, Made In France trade show (10/13-11).

Among the Innovation winners of the Grands Prix du Made in France 2022: Repulp Design (eco-designed coffee cups made from citrus waste).


Invitation here


Paris Expo // Hall 3⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)



Accident(s) – Atypical Book Fair – 10am / 7pm

Opening of Accident(s) (10/13-11). From micro-edition to artist’s books, from the most experimental to the unclassifiable, atypical publications in the field of photography and graphic arts.

Meetings and signatures.


La Cité Internationale des Arts⎢18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville – Paris 4 (M° St-Paul/Pont-Marie)



Celestial bodies – 2pm / 7pm

On the occasion of Gilles Pourtier’s new exhibition “Des corps célestes” (08-10/26-11), meeting with the artist.


Gallery 8+4 Bernard Chauveau⎢36 rue de Turin – Paris 8 (M° Place de Clichy)



Offprint Paris 22 – 17h / 21h

Offprint Nocturne (10/13-11), a selection of independent, experimental and socially engaged publishers in the fields of art, architecture, design, humanities and visual culture.
Unpublished program of interventions and meetings for the weekend.


Pavillon de l’Arsenal⎢21 bd Morland – Paris 4 (M° Sully-Morland)



Memory Desire – 6pm

Opening of the exhibition “Mémoire Désir” (11-11/28-01-23) an exhibition of works of art curated by Morgane Baroghel-Crucq. 13 craftsmen who take a contemporary look at the landscape through millennial know-how. With Antonin Anzil, Laurentine Perilhou, Karl Mazlo, Lucie Touré and Lucile Viaud…

Hôtel de Gallifet⎢52 rue Cardinale – Aix-en-Provence 13



Design in residence Paris Tetouan – 18h

Opening of the exhibition “Design in Residence Paris Tetouan” (10/23-11) presentation of pieces designed within this 1st edition of design in residence created at the initiative of Karine Scherrer, founder. of The Art Design Lab, in collaboration with Caroline Naphegyi and Samia Herrag.

Experimentation, new treatments and production of objects around a collaboration between designers and craftsmen, French (Boulle) and Moroccan (INBA Tetouan) design students accompanied by two renowned designers: Élise Fouin and Hicham Lahlou around five skills: zellige, pottery, embroidery, painting on wood and leather

Bab el Kebir⎢Kasbah des Oudayas Gallery – Rabat



The Place to Be – Design by Les Puces du Design – 18h / 22h

Opening night of the 42nd edition of the Puces du Design / The Place to Be (10/13-11), a selection of design antique dealers, contemporary design brands, fashion specialists and Maker craftsmen and designers as well as the exceptional exhibition-sale Made in Japan – Japanese design and its influences, from 1950 to today, by Sabine Sautter: 500 objects by designers, architects and stylists witnessing the creativity of design and the permanent dialogue between Europe and Japan between the main protagonists.


Illustrations of the circular economy for more than 20 years, the pieces presented on The Place To Be Design X Les Puces du Design can be restored, repaired, passed on from generation to generation or resold but, in no case thrown away.
Your invitation here

Paris Expo // Hall 2⎢1 pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)

Friday, November 11


Jazz at the Bicolore – 8pm

The annual jazz event at the Bicolore (11/12-11). Free concert of Astrid Engberg, Danish singer, composer and producer, during the 20th edition of the international festival Jazzycolors (03-11/03-12).


Le Bicolore⎢142 av. des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Étoile)

Saturday, November 12th


Jazz at the Bicolore – 8pm

The annual jazz event at the Bicolore (11/12-11). Free concert of Ginne Marker, Danish singer/songwriter and guitarist, a rare talent with international potential: “Goddess of the guitar today” as part of the 20th edition of the international festival Jazzycolors (03-11/03-12).


Le Bicolore⎢142 av. des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Étoile)

Sunday, November 13th



Monday, November 14th


Urban Projects Forum – 09h / 18h

The Urban Projects Forum brings together the most dynamic players in the French planning industry for a unique overview of current and future urban projects. Among its projects, the Esplanade Paris La Défense transformed into an urban park, designed by Michel Desvigne Paysagiste and his group of experts: Ville Ouverte, Urban-Eco Scop and Arcadis.

Gala dinner of the 100 who make the city – a list of 100 actors selected by the editors of Innovapresse for their investment in the transformation of the city (registration > here).


High rate here
Palais des Congrès⎢2 pl. de la Pte Maillot – Paris 17 (M° Pte Maillot)



La Pensée Corps – 6pm / 8:30pm

Opening of the exhibition “La pensée corps” (15-11/28-01-23) connects the work of Alexandra Bircken and Lutz Huelle, related to questions of identity, intimacy, permeability and vulnerability of the human being. Experimentation with weaving, braiding, knotting or cutting… an anthropological approach that evokes the taste for ingenuity and the multiplicity of inventions and uses that human beings have developed since the origins to clothe and protect themselves.
Fondation d’Entreprise Ricard⎢1 cours Paul Ricard – Paris 8 (M° St-Lazare)

Yves Domergue has just left us this Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at the age of 82.
Within the agency, often at his side, between 1980 and 2007, I was able to participate in and manage hundreds of industrial and railway projects during these 27 years.
My professional experience and half of my life are marked by this school of design which has trained so many talented men and women alongside the 4 founders of the agency.
All of these designers have gone on to create beautiful companies or are currently pursuing beautiful careers, always driven by this motivation of GOOD design, this founding determination of M.B.D. Design.
All the young designers who joined the team at that time have vivid and profitable memories of their experiences.
With the departure of Yves Domergue, the MBD Design Group, which he founded in 1972 with his brother Alain, lost the D in the agency’s initials.
With the departure of Yves Domergue, I have a moving memory of Alain Domergue who replaced the father I lost too young.
Even today, within NIMOS Design, my projects live with the team spirit of MBD Design, and all the humanity of Jean-Claude Marbach the M of M.B.D.
With the departure of Yves Domergue, our thoughts are with all those who knew and appreciated him, with the entire design community in mourning, and with all the good products that now belong to our heritage.


Frédéric Simon – Nimos Design.
Yves Domergue, pioneer of railway design, has died – 1941 – 2022.


Yves Domergue is part of the very first generation of industrial designers trained at the Arts Déco in Roger Tallon’s studio from which he graduated in 1966.

“With him, we learned to innovate. He would tell us, ‘Bring me ideas. He would organize barbecue contests, for example. The students would come up with twenty-five barbecues, each more absurd than the last. And in the middle, one or two would stand out,” he says of Roger Tallon.

In a country with “the most outstanding engineering caste in the world”, the beginnings of the profession are difficult. “At cocktail parties, when I said that I had graduated from Ensad, people would reply: “Ah, the customs school?
Domergue began his career with a display for the sponge manufacturer Facel. Others follow for Beaulieu Super 8 cameras and Nikon cameras, a Japanese brand just established in France.

In 1972, he founded MBD Design with his brother Alain, an engineer, and three other associates, based on the concept of a global design agency: graphic design, product design, environmental design.
In these three areas, the agency has achieved great success, meeting the needs of the emerging retail industry, establishing itself with major brands, and introducing the industry to design. It has won numerous awards and prizes and has become an internationally recognized leader in the field of public transportation.

In 1974, MBD participated in the design competition for an ultra-fast train, the future TGV, inaugurated in 1981. The SNCF asked the public to vote, and Roger Tallon, who had become Yves Domergue’s rival, won.


Over the years, MBD has designed many products, but especially trains and streetcars for the whole world.

In 1995-96, the team began the renovation of the Corail, designed twenty years earlier by Tallon, and renamed Téoz. Yves Domergue breaks the corridor effect to create more intimate spaces. Nearly thirty years later, some of these trains still run under the name of Intercités.


The Marseille tramway remains Yves Domergue’s greatest pride. With its bow evoking “the bow of a ship”, its “large windows” opening “on the Mediterranean blue”, its “interior louvers” protecting from the sun and its wooden seats, it achieves “the balance between aesthetics, comfort, technology and use”.


In 2007, after he “signed” the TGV Sud-Est with Christian Lacroix, Yves Domergue transferred his agency and became involved in teaching. At Ensaama – Olivier de Serres, he created a design course based on his professional experience.

In 2017 appears, Confidences de designerthe story, told with simplicity, of thirty years of daily experience: the competition for the first TGV, the photocopiers that he was asked to design without ever making them, or the visual identity of a chocolate brand.

For nearly 20 years, until his resignation in 2014, Yves Domergue sat on the board of directors of AAE-EnsAD and participated in the animation of the Alumni Association.

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