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The ODP Letter N°669

Week of 27.09.2022


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How about taking a break? A well-deserved break after three weeks of design marathon, a gourmet and arty break. Let your mind feed on the exuberant or cosmic proposals of the Nuit Blanche and your second brain on the new restaurant concepts that are enriching this fall like never before!

Nothing but the French art of living…

The new concepts to browse through in the appointments of the week or directly here.

So, enjoy and above all, take care!

Tuesday, September 27

Food and Leisure – 09:00

Press conference on the invitation of the new concept of Villette-Vill’Up shopping center “Food and Leisure” of Paris La Villette, which ambition is to become the largest food and entertainment market in Paris: eatertainment, place of sharing with high urban and social added value: 25.000 m2 of unique Food Market and exclusive immersive leisure activities; original event and cultural programming (music, live performances…); architecture and interactive design for immersive visual and sensory experiences; scenography around street art; responsible and sustainable state of mind…

In the presence of the actors of the project.

Restaurant le 211 ⎢ 211 av. Jean Jaurès – Paris 19 (M° Pte de Pantin/Pte de la Villette)


CORIAN® Design Talks – 4pm

Webinar hosted by designboom, ArchDaily and Corian® Design, to discuss new exterior cladding possibilities with experts from Zaha Hadid Architects, M3 Architects and STARH.

Register here


Arts in Peril – 5pm / 7pm

Conference “Arts in Peril”, threats to culture and human existence from war, environmental challenges and pandemics.

A meeting of specialists to make room for reflection on the status of culture in the current context.

Register here

Goethe-Institut de Paris ⎢ 17 av. d’Iéna – Paris 16 (M° Iéna)


Promontories of Silence – 6pm

Meeting and signing of a book with Didier Goupy for a photographic experience of the forest and the sensations it provides.

Artazart ⎢ 83 quai de Valmy – Paris 10 (M° Jacques Bonsergent)


Listen Assemble – 7:30 pm

Architecture meeting around the book ” Écouter, assembler – QUAI M, un chantier habité par Compagnie architecture à La Roche-sur-Yon ” by Chloé Bodard, Édith Hallauer and Julia Vallvé which details the atypical work process implemented and thus brings together the hands that draw and the hands that realize, by following each step of the construction site closely.
Librairie Volume ⎢ 47 rue N.D. de Nazareth – Paris 3 (M° Temple)

Wednesday, September 28th

Place – Dorte Mandrup: Architecture and landscape in symbiosis – 4pm

Guided tour (28 & 29-09) of the exhibition “Place” by Dorte Mandrup (09-09/06-11). From the ochre marshes of the Wadden Sea to the breathtaking vastness of the Arctic to the tragic memories of the ruins of the Anhalt railway station in Berlin, Danish architecture firm Dorte Mandrup designs buildings that evoke the distinct narratives of the places from which they derive.

Le Bicolore ⎢ 142 av. des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Étoile)


Space Correspondence – 5pm

Unpublished auction, a dialogue between the French artist Pierre Sabatier (1925-2003) and the American-Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988).

Piasa ⎢ 118 rue du Fbg St-Honoré – Paris 8 (M° Miromesnil)


Evolving/Reversible Architecture – 7:30 pm

Architecture meeting around the book “Architecture évolutive/réversible – formes et dispositifs” edited by Miquel Peiro, Frédéric Sotinel and Laëtitia Bouvier. A collective reflection on the imperatives of sustainability and reversibility that architecture must be able to respond to today, in connection with contemporary societal and environmental issues.
Bookstore Volume ⎢ 47 rue ND de Nazareth – Paris 3 (M° Strasbourg St-Denis)


Breathe 231 – 8pm

Performance with Sophie Dupont and Philippe Cohen Solal, “Breath move 231”, where the Danish performer invites other human beings to participate as passengers in a train journey, punctuated by breathing, artistic movements and sounds.
Le Bicolore ⎢ 142 av. des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Étoile)

Thursday, September 29th

Habitat and its Christmas cottage – 9:30 am / 2:30 pm

Press invitation of the new universe for Christmas. Habitat presents its collections of decorations, tableware and gift ideas that will make your home shine.

Habitat Wagram ⎢ 35 avenue de Wagram – Paris 17 (M° Ternes)


“From idea to materiality” Alain Gilles x Bonaldo – 10am / 5pm

Within the framework of the course “In resonance” of the Biennial of Contemporary Art, exhibition of the work of Alain Gilles (29-09/18-11).
From the thought, to the first sketch, to the development process, to the final product.

RBC Lyon Confluence ⎢ 42 quai Rambaud – Lyon 69


The pricing of design – 5pm / 8pm

Online information and practical training evening to provide responsible pricing guides and tools to designers, as part of AFD’s Designer Workshops, led by Christophe Lemaire (admin of the Alliance Française des Designers).

How should a freelance designer calculate the price for his creation? How is the designer’s remuneration constituted? How to value the creation of design?

Price 70€. Register here


Being Re-connected – 6pm

PhS cocktail with the colors of Spain in the heart of the City of Light. The last creations of P. Starck, R. Dordoni & P. Cazzaniga

By invitation.

Showroom Andreu World ⎢ 37 rue Jean Giraudoux – Paris 16 (M° Kléber)


Travelling Light – 6:30 pm

Opening of the restitution of the creation residency of the artist Claire Le Breton and the craftsman Bertrand Lacour within the framework of the device ” Art & Company ” with Procédés Chénel.

Paper Class, PCI and Installation presentation – 11am
Visit of the Installation from 2 pm

Register with:

Procédés Chénel ⎢ 70 rue Jean Bleuzen – Vanves 92 (M° Malakoff-Plateau de Vanves)


Pierre-Émile Legrain, in the open – 6:30 pm / 8 pm

Conference on the creative path of Pierre-Emile Legrain (1888-1929), a fascinating character of Art Deco, whose mentor was the couturier Jacques Doucet, for whom he created superb mosaic bindings and astonishing Cubo-Africanist furniture.

By Laurence Salmon, design historian, exhibition curator and professor at the ECAL in Lausanne.

Reservation here

Les Arts Décoratifs – conference room ⎢ 111 rue de Rivoli – Paris 1 (M° Tuileries)

Friday, September 30th

A Swing for Molitor” – 8pm / 12am

Nuit Blanche de Molitor ” Une Balançoire pour Molitor ” by Annie Sperling in the presence of the artist and the performer.

By invitation only.

Hotel Molitor ⎢ 2 av. de la Pte Molitor – Paris 16 (M° Michel-Ange Molitor)

Saturday 01 October

Place – Dorte Mandrup : Architecture and landscape in symbiosis – 4pm / 10pm

Guided tour and drink of friendship of the exhibition “Place” by Dorte Mandrup (09-09/06-11) on the occasion of the Nuit Blanche.

Le Bicolore ⎢ 142 av. des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8 (M° Étoile)


“Le Jardin des Délices” – 7pm / 4am

20th anniversary of Nuit Blanche with the theme “The Garden of Delights” by painter Jerome Bosch.

At the Hôtel de Ville, Pierre Hermé, the world’s best pastry chef in 2016, proposes the tasting of a monumental birthday cake…

Note that this anniversary edition will be the last one in October, before new artistic festivities organized on the first weekend of June starting in 2023.

Program here

Sunday 02 October


Monday 03 October

BATIMAT – 09h / 19h

Construction and building trade show (03/06-10). With Interclima, the trade show for HVAC professionals, and Idéobain, the bathroom and interior design trade show, this is a unique opportunity to discover innovations in the building industry.

Badge here
Paris Expo Halls 1/4/5/6 ⎢ pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)


Reuse, a virtuous solution for construction – 10:00 am / 11:00 am

Thematic guided tour (with free access to the exhibition – within the limits of available places) and accompanied by specialized personalities and the partner of the exhibition, Archistorm. Meet a selection of companies that are committed to giving a second life to materials, solutions and products.

Register with:
Paris Expo Halls 1/4/5/6 ⎢ pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)


The RE2020, a real challenge for architecture today – 2pm

Guided tour by Archistorm which gives the floor to manufacturers who propose concrete answers to this regulation with essential stakes.

Register with:
Paris Expo Halls 1/4/5/6 ⎢ pl. de la Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)

The heady plans

The Nuit Blanche, precisely, those who make the gastronomic news of this fall, also explored it in 2011, by investing an ostentatious jewelry store and saturating its interior with a thick fog and projection on its facade of lightning and low frequency sounds. Those whose agency’s 3 letters evoke their wish to break with the received ideas, the expectations and the trend: CUT Architectures.

Since 2005, Yann Martin and Benjamin Clarens have been moving forward together, complementary to the point of fusion, which they illustrate very well through the gourmet restaurant Ōrtensia – Paris XVI, whose challenge was to work an atmosphere between Japanese and French culture, as much in the interior architecture as in the plate.

It is the talent of the discreet chef Terumitsu Saito, with his precise, subtle and poetic dishes, that the architecture and design studio has chosen to transpose into a refined and careful décor, between claustras and natural oak furniture, felted fabric curtains, neutral and warm tones, and textured clay plaster.

Behind the large glass façade, lined with a filter echoing a forest of thin oak trunks, the ōrtensia tables nestle in an intimate setting. All in curves, the volumes of the restaurant are softened to envelop the tasting. Soft leather benches highlighted with ribbons of indirect light wrap around walls clad in arakabe – a Japanese cob – that unravel on a soft, subtly quilted carpet surface.

Similarly, the mastery of the food made at ōrtensia is reflected in the introduction of contemporary details with clean, neat materials. Suspended in the space and as a focal point on the tables, futuristic lighting elements bring an unexpected touch. The sideboard and the checkroom disappear in a treatment of fine curved blades of brushed stainless steel while the mirrors in the upper part chisel the space, like the precise, exquisite, light and fresh plates.

A delicacy that suits the district, when on the opposite side of the street, rue Faidherbe – Paris XI, it is the architectural firm Mur.Mur (Benoît Huen & Lucie Rosenblatt) that signs the restaurant Rhézome hosting young chefs in residence, around a reasoned and responsible cuisine.

Indeed, with chefs and producers in residence, participatory cooking in collaboration with associations and local residents, Rhézome is a place for experimentation and the implementation of a holistic vision of food, social and supportive, rich in taste as well as responsible and sustainable.

The idea was born in the mind of philosophy professor, gallery owner, communicator and entrepreneur Jean-François Pascal during the health crisis: that restaurants should no longer be just places to eat, but places to highlight a virtuous ecosystem, bringing together producers, chefs and consumers through a positive exchange rooted in the local area.

And it is a twenty-year-old chef, Alice Arnoux (La Marine**, Noma***, Birkemosegaard, organic farm, The Carousel, Fulgurances l’Adresse and Dame Jane) who opens the ball of residences, letting us glimpse the promise of Shawanmsuhi vegetable charcuterie and vacation kombuchas, of clear Paimpol consommé, of baker’s bread with worked butter, of the day’s catch with smoked sabayon, rillettes…

Beautiful arches, beautiful plates, it’s fall, but it’s time to prepare for winter!

Ōrtensia ⎢ 4 rue Beethoven – Paris 16 (M° Trocadéro)

Rhézome ⎢ 35 rue Faidherbe – Paris 11 (M° Charonne)

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