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The ODP Letter N°659

Week of 24.05.2022


This short week is a bit like those tennis players who, after the set is over, go back to their chairs for two minutes – a deserved break before resuming the marathon of design appointments in June.
If sports news has clay courts as a backdrop, creative news that of a leather-scented showroom and a Crocodile polo shirt…

So, enjoy and above all, take care!

Tuesday May 24

Wood cladding/terrace – 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Join the CNDB webinar to discover – through feedback from project managers and project owners – how and why to use wood for terraces and cladding. With: Mischa Witzmann – Co-manager of Karawitz and member of the Club Oui Au Bois, Sandra de Giorgio – Co-founder of Nzi Architectes and Simon Letondu – Founder of Simon Letondu Architecture.
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Paper experts – 6 p.m.

Opening of the exhibition Méthodes Chénel (paper architecture) X Maison Martin Morel (wallpaper) (25-05), which celebrates the expertise of two types of know-how around paper since 1896.

Bertrand Grimont Gallery ⎢ 43 rue de Montmorency – Paris 3 (M° Arts et Métiers)


The very essence of Made in Italy – 6:30 p.m.

When two Italian excellences meet. Ducati France in collaboration with Poltrona Frau, in the presence of Dir. from Centro Stile Ducati, Andrea Ferraresi, presents Ducati X Diavel Nera.
A motorcycle between design, technology and craftsmanship, limited to 500 ex. and characterized by its customizable saddle in Pelle Frau®.

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Poltrona Frau ⎢ 29 rue du Bac – Paris 7 (M° Rue du Bac)

Wednesday May 25

Margaux Keller X Monoprix – 10 a.m.

Shelving of the exclusive Margaux Keller x Monoprix collaboration: design, tableware, decoration, household linen, ready-to-wear. A collection with southern accents, joyful and sunny colors to welcome summer.
Monoprix stores here
Kunstmuseum Bern ⎢ Hodlerstrasse 8-12 – Bern


Introduction to entrepreneurship at the Art & Design Professions Campus – 2 p.m. / 5 p.m.

Round table and entrepreneurship initiation workshop for students.
Program offered by the Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d’Art in collaboration with the Campus Métiers d’Art & Design and the Pépite Hésam in order to raise students’ awareness of entrepreneurship in the arts and design professions .
Entrepreneurs’ stories, individual meetings, thematic workshops.
3 hours of creation of an object and its marketing. Workshops to discover creativity, ideation, immersion, business model canvas, marketing and pitch techniques in a fun and collaborative way.

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Arts & Design Professions Campus ⎢ 42 av. des Gobelins – Paris 13 (M° Les Gobelins)


Archistrom and Venessens – 6 p.m. / 9 p.m.

Exclusive evening for architects and interior designers on the occasion of the launch of the Venessens brand, a new innovative player in the field of flooring.

Reservation with

Venessens ⎢ 39 av. Victor Hugo – Paris 16 (M° Etoile/Victor Hugo)

Thursday May 26

“Holidays in Gardincour! » – 1 p.m. / 9 p.m.

“Holidays in Gardincour! (26-05/06-06) multidisciplinary festival which invites you to take advantage of a rich program of cultural and festive activities (cinema, photography, shows, contemporary art, etc.) to celebrate life in a mining town for two weeks, The City of Electricians, emblematic coron of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais mining basin.
The title of the festival is a nod to an expression from the North of France. Holidays in “Gardincour”, a place not found on any map, but which exists in the imaginary geography of many Northerners. Gardincour, “In’ne Semaine dins l’gardin, in’ne Semaine à l’cour!” is where we go when we’re not going on vacation. “Elsewhere” can now be found at the Cité des Électriciens for guaranteed leisure!
Program here

City of Electricians⎢rue Franklin – Bray-La-Buissière 62

Friday May 27


Saturday May 28

Fados Night 104 – 8 p.m. / 2 a.m.

As part of the France-Portugal season, from traditional fado to revisited fado, including queer fado, this Nuit 104 celebrates Portuguese talents by mixing folklore and modernity! An evening in the presence of mythical figures and confirmed revelations of the contemporary creation of fado: Mariza / Lina & Raül Refree / António Zambujo / Fado Bicha / Riot / Émile Omar.
Ticket office here

104 ⎢ 5 rue Curial – Paris 19 (M° Riquet)

Sunday May 29


Monday May 30

Workspace Expo – 9 a.m. / 6 p.m.

Workspace – 1st European BtoB exhibition for furniture and workspace layout (30-05/01-06).
Conferences and trendy space by the architect Karl Petit organized around the theme “The house as in the office”.
Since working environments now need to be able to adapt easily to changing situations, Vitra has developed the modular Comma office system, presented for the first time in France. Inspired by scaffolding, this structure aims to adapt flexibly to the changing needs of companies and their employees by allowing its users to easily modify work environments and their functions.
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Hall 7.2⎢2 pl. from Pte de Versailles – Paris 15 (M° Pte de Versailles)

Since we’re talking about it

Last Friday, Lacoste inaugurated its brand new playground on the Champs-Élysées, the Lacoste Arena. A showcase in its image, with the aim of highlighting its many facets, from cutting-edge fashion to technical sport, including streetwear.
In addition to the scope of the marketed offer, this address is presented as more experiential and also offers the opportunity for the company to publicize its eco-responsible advances, via a dedicated space, entitled Durable Elegance.

Wishing to attract a wide audience, “fashion lovers, sports enthusiasts, responsible and creative consumers” by embodying the beating heart of all Lacoste cultures, the crocodile brand called on Jeanne Goutelle, textile designer and true “textile explorer”. who puts his artistic and technical skills at the service of companies in sustainable projects that carry another vision of upcycling.
So, for this new emblematic place, the designer created “Re-Act”, a large-format woven work that takes place in this new Durable Elegance corner.

“Lacoste contacted me in 2020 to create a wall decoration for the “Durable Elegance” space in the new flagship Lacoste Arena on the Champs-Élysées. For this project, my values and the responsible and sustainable dimension of my approach quickly found a favorable echo with the architects of the brand. During a visit to their emblematic factory in Troyes, I was able to immerse myself in their universe and select the materials available in their stocks of old collections. The goal was to reuse only their abandoned materials in this space. No textile material has therefore been created for this collaboration, it is only about upcycling” explains Jeanne Goutelle.

In terms of aesthetics, the white metal hanging grid is reminiscent of the tennis net or the racket strings that can be found on an XXL scale on the ceiling of the point of sale, and blends in completely with the composition.
“I have woven patterns through this structure reminiscent of Lacoste’s emblematic codes and colors such as tennis court markings, ball rebounds, different nets… My interpretation of the brand’s sporty chic spirit incorporates laces, seam cleanliness bias, ribbed edges of collars and armholes are just some of the details that indicate the re-use of polo shirt materials” specifies Jeanne Goutelle.

In this corner of lasting elegance, Lacoste showcases its LOOP polo shirt, made from recycled fibers from old polo shirts, the original L.12.12 polo shirt with even improved durability, and the “Cotton Flower” polo shirt. , a 1991 reissue, made of 100% organic and untreated cotton, the expression of cotton in its purest and most respectful form.
This scenographic space should be regularly renewed to share the progress of the brand in terms of sustainable development.
Throughout the flagship, other initiatives testify to the brand’s commitment to more responsible fashion, including: recycled hangers developed from cotton offcuts from petit piqué as well as bags created from from old polo shirts given to people bringing back old textile products from the brand.

As a reminder, Jeanne Goutelle is, among other things, “Liens”, collaborative textile work of the office of inclusions at the Biennale de St-Étienne in 2019, “Intersection(s)”, screens composed of 18 panels with architectural weaving of straps and ribbons from scraps from the Saint-Etienne textile industry, during the project to fit out the rooms of the Councils of the European Union for the French Presidency at the start of the year.

A real French victory at the time of Roland-Garros!
Between two match points in Boulogne, go to 50 avenue des Champs-Élysées, or to the Jeanne Goutelle site.