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The new Strate campus in Lyon

Since September, the Strate design school has welcomed 450 students in Lyon. The year 2019 is synonymous with expansion for Strate. After opening a site in Singapore in January and then in Bangalore (India) in September, the design school is inaugurating a third site in Lyon. A 2,200 m2 building in place of the old halls of the Lyon market, in the heart of the urban project of the Confluence district.

So Lyon was chosen for the brand new Strate school campus. The French city was selected for its crucial location, at the crossroads between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.
The Rhone city offers an environment of innovation of choice for the school. While the Indian campus promotes automotive design and the Paris campus deals with the theme of mobility, the Lyon school will innovate around light. A major axis of development made possible by the partnership with Lumen, City of Light, built close to the new campus.

Nearly 450 students were expected for the start of the September academic year. Distributed by promotion of 90, they begin a course marked Program Grande École – Bac + 5, with the opportunity to specialize in one of the six areas taught by Strate Lyon: interaction and immersion, mobility, identity, products and finally space. .
During the training, future designers will be required to implement the concepts studied. No less than 25 projects are planned over the 5 years of study, including 5 related to industry and 1 interdisciplinary project with engineers.

Design seen by Strate

The Strate school considers design to be a key element in everyone’s life experience. On the one hand, it is made of pragmatism. A designer can only have an impact on the world if he evolves in it. This is why students are immersed in the world of work throughout their course, as part of internship at regular intervals. On the other hand, it is made of interdisciplinarity. Quality design intersects the views and expertise of different fields of knowledge. This is why Strate offers double degrees in partnership with Sciences Po Paris and Grenoble École de Management (GEM).
The Institute of Political Studies brings a sociological dimension to innovation. The environment in which the product will take place is studied and understood through the prism of political science. The sociological approach allows the future designer to respond to real issues and to produce work that is simpler and more consumable. This double-degree seems obvious to Guillaume Lom Puech, director of the Strate school in Lyon, who considers Sciences Po Paris’ approach “like what is done at Strate”.
The course with Grenoble École de Management touches more on the strategy implemented around the product. With this diploma, student-designers will take part in the entire creation process, from strategic thinking in a company to production in the workshop.
The versatility of Strate is carried by Guillaume Lom Puech, former educational director at the EEGP-Higher School of Applied Arts and Design, who wishes to “make schools and professions evolve with the world”. Himself an entrepreneur, designer and architect, he aims to make his school a real company, dedicated to supporting his students in the realization of their school and professional projects.

An essential opening to the world for Strate

The Strate school is a member of the Galileo Global Education Group. The network, the leading private higher education operator in Europe, brings together in particular the French school of architecture Penninghen and the Italian institute of fashion and design Istituto Marangoni.
On the strength of this membership, Strate focuses on its international pedagogy. The 4th year of the course is punctuated by a stay abroad. During 6 months, the designer students carry out an internship or an academic exchange in one of the 55 partner schools such as Politecnico di Milano, an Italian engineering school. Confrontation with other cultures, other pedagogies or work environments, or language training promote an open-mindedness and a broadening of skills and experiences that will be appreciated when entering the job market.
90% of Strate graduates find a job within one year of completing their studies, including 8% abroad. A pledge of the effectiveness of this international pedagogy, reinforced by solid professional backgrounds for several graduates, like the Frenchman Julien Montoussé, of the class of 2004, who heads the North American design team of Mazda, or of Michael Harboun, Luxembourger from the 2011 class, currently project director within the American company IDEO.

Rémi de Marassé