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News / Interior architecture / Lee Ufan collection: the layouts of Constance Guisset

Lee Ufan collection: the layouts of Constance Guisset

In October 2021, in the very beautiful Vernon private mansion, created between the 16th and 18th centuries, the Constance Guisset studio was responsible for fitting out the reception areas – changing rooms and teapot-shop – for the artist’s endowment fund Korean Lee Ufan.

Knowing very well the philosophy of this great visual artist, heir to the Mono-ha movement, the French designer Constance Guisset chose materials and colors illustrating the vocation of the place: spaces of peace and rest, conducive to contemplation. “Because his work is very mineral, a subtle balance had to be found in the choice of materials and neutral tones, in order to soften the stone and make it soothing,” she explains. The oak warms up by dressing the walls and the furniture with pure geometric and essential lines, the stainless steel and the textile of the acoustic panels dialogue with the minerality of the ground. Spaces with a clear and delicate layout emphasizing the original architecture of the rooms, whose sobriety encourages tranquility. A discreet and respectful gesture, in harmony with the spirit of this revisited historical setting, which has just opened its doors within the city.

Virginie Chuimer-Layen

Opening since April 15, 2022 of Lee Ufan Arles, Hotel Vernon 5, rue de Vernon 13200 Arles.