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Test your ideas in 3D

Stratasys has just released the J55, a 3D printer targeting design studios: compact, it is designed to stay within reach of product design teams, directly in workspaces, without disturbing the environment. Its print quality makes it possible to offer the first realistic prototypes to customers.

Released last year, ultra compact, the strong point of the J55 3D printer offered by Stratasys is that it was designed for product design teams, to test ideas while having maximum precision in rendering. Thanks to its five simultaneous printing materials, it allows nearly 500,000 Pantone validated colors, texture or transparency effects to be obtained on a single printed part.

STRATASYS, imprimante 3D J55

The J55 includes a patented rotary manufacturing platform and a fixed printhead: this technology, designed to optimize reliability and simplify maintenance, also improves performance despite its compact size on the ground, while greatly reducing noise, which is comparable to that of a refrigerator. In combination with ProAero filtration technology to avoid odors, the J55 can be perfectly installed in any working environment.

STRATASYS, imprimante J55

Compatible with GrabCAD Print software, the J55 can easily import popular CAD files (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, PTC Creo, Siemens NX, Inventor) as well as the latest 3MF formats, which are a significant improvement over files traditional STL, OBJ and VRML. And for the first time, Stratasys makes the 3MF color workflow even easier with KeyShot 3D rendering software from Luxion Inc.

Easy to install and use, “We developed this innovative 3D printer to truly transform the process of product development by designers and engineers around the world” , explains Omer Krieger, executive vice president of products at Stratasys. Its cost has been tailored to meet the needs of product design teams, while maintaining a high level of quality for 3D printed parts.

Designed as a smaller but equally capable addition to Stratasys’ J8 series for small workshops, the J55 is able to complete the entire design process and start printing on the same day, while minimizing waste. post-processing phase. Offering the same exceptional resolution and detail as the J8 series 3D printers, it is capable of making models that have the shape, material, color and finish of the finished products. To find out more and request quotes:

Réalisés avec l’imprimante 3D J55 de Stratasys
Réalisés avec la J55 de Stratasys