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Summer glasses

The sun is there, and for those who still don’t have their pair of sunglasses, there is still so much to choose from! Designers have been busy during this pandemic year. From home, they have succeeded in developing new collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses, made in France or elsewhere.

Designer glasses Matali Crasset

Design de Matali Crasset pour l'éditeur belge Théo Eyewear - Blurred © 2018 Artworks,Photography & Graphic Design
Design de Matali Crasset pour l'éditeur Belge Théo Eyewear - Blurred © 2018 Artworks,Photography & Graphic Design

In 2015, the Belgian publisher Théo Eyewear in Antwerp asked Matali Crasset to design a collection of twelve pairs of character glasses. The symbiosis is ideal and reveals a common passion for design and color. Eight pairs of optical glasses and four sunglasses illustrate in the blink of an eye the character of the wearer: daring, involved, impulsive, spontaneous, rebellious, delicate, confident, dreamy, warned, expressive, curious or sensitive… The face enters in collusion with the frame which magnifies the eyes and reinforces the character trait in the eyebrows. Mounts the size of a gazebo, chosen for their material, acetate or metal. A limited series was presented in 2019 in titanium. The last one will be on display at trade fairs as soon as they reopen in 2021… All of them can be fitted with Essilor multi-anti-reflective sun lenses.

Glasses created by designer Patrick Norguet for Shelter.

In 2019, Patrick Norguet met the Shelter brand. Understanding his universe, the world of glasses, optics and solar, was immediately his concern to make this fashion object a unique accessory. Shelter uses wood as the main material. Through games of assembly, color, transparency and contrasts, he has succeeded in the fusion of raw and noble materials: wood, metal and bio-acetate.

L'une des paires de lunettes de la dernière collection Norguet-Shelter © Norguet-shelter - Collection Fusion

True small architecture, the ergonomic object sublimates the face and accentuates the personality.

The balance between the artisanal approach to woodworking and the perfection of glass gives all its value to the object. Bold geometric shapes give the object a little anachronism. The Fusion collection was released in spring 2021. Made in Annecy, they are the pure product of a manufacture made in France, an essential for the summer and an act in favor of the environment.

Travail sur la mise au point des lunettes Shelter.

Glasses by designer Philippe Starck

Les lunettes Still Life dessinées par Philippe Starck © STARCK, Still Life
Les lunettes Still Life dessinées par Philippe Starck © STARCK Still Life

We remember the Starck Eyes with Alain Mikli and the basis of his research: bionism. The designer continues with Biotech Paris and a collection at the intersection of technology and humanity, technology and nature, drawing inspiration from the organic to achieve technologies that better suit human happiness. The Titanium collection takes this relationship to a higher level by associating Biolink and Sphere technologies through a rare but super light material: titanium. The result is a bezel of unrivaled lightness and flawless resistance. A Luxottica product that can be fitted with sun lenses on demand.

© Lunettes Starck Luxottica

Designer glasses Yves Behar

Yves Behar and Fuseproject are passionate about the oceans. It was when they saw them sink under the plastic that they came up with the idea of recovering used plastics to make ocean plastic glasses. The Ocean Clean up collection comes out on time to relieve the guilt of surfers who only dream of one thing: to master the wave again. The nonprofit The Ocean Cleanup collaborated to draw a sunglasses design made using the innovative Boyan Slat recovery system. The silhouette is classic but with beautiful color variations. The deconstructed hinge creates a recognizable visual signature. TOC, a precious and clean product.

Bénédicte Duhalde

Lunettes Yves Behar