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Sublimate the material

On the occasion of the reopening of cultural venues, the exhibition “Materials at work – matter to think about, way of doing” is extended until June 9 at the Galerie des Gobelins. An opportunity to see around fifty exceptional pieces.

Initially scheduled for the European Days of Crafts in April, the exhibition “Materials at work – material to think, way of doing” brings together at the Galerie des Gobelins some fifty extremely varied pieces divided around three themes: “Materials, sources and resources”, “Hybrid, augmented, transformed, recycled materials” and “Dreaming materials”.

All the works presented were produced by French designers and showcase excellent know-how. Along the way, we are pleased to find exceptional pieces from publishers like Atelier SB26 – with a superb table and table lamp – or craftsmen like Creanog, who exhibits a sublime box set made for Villa Cavrois. Among the exhibitors labeled EPV, we will also note the presence for the glass of Bernard Pictet and for the metal of Atelier Pouenat.

The exhibition offers of course its share of discoveries, with in particular the very astonishing sideboard of ARCA Ebénisterie, designed by Steven Leprizé and made in WooWood, a technology that combines marquetry with a textile covering that gives it a very intriguing flexibility. For the work of the material, we also retain the research of Jeanne Guyon and her Pinto pendant light composed of corks and local earthenware, the marine glass suspensions of Lucile Viaud, and the surprising transformations of William Amor.

Until June 9.
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
Reservation required on the site ,

42 avenue des Gobelins 75013 Paris

lampe Rigel, Atelier SB26, Exposition JEMA 2021 © Églantine Aubry pour l'INMA
Sculpture de William Amor, Exposition JEMA 2021 © Églantine Aubry pour l'INMA (12)