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News / Design / Objects / Stockholm Furniture Fair: Artek unveils Kori

Stockholm Furniture Fair: Artek unveils Kori

At the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Artek unveiled the Kori collection, the result of a collaboration that continues quietly with the designers of TAF Studio.

It is a collection thought to last as Artek’s editorial line wants: for that, TAF studio’s designers have first worked from the main element of lighting, the bulb, around which they have declined the shape of the cone, in an aesthetic codified in our imaginations (in reference to the lighthouse for example). This collection thus skilfully plays on direct and indirect lighting.

The Kori collection consists of a suspension which is the basic element: in a principle of a receptacle in the form of a “basket” the lighting combines a direct light (for a narrow cone) or more diffuse (wider cone). Equipped with a disc that acts as a lampshade, the suspension offers for a more important lighting, but which remains soft. Also equipped with a lampshade, “in the shape of a dune” according to the designers, the suspension projects a direct light.

Artek Kori Collection © Photography by Mikko Ryhänen

The collection also includes a table lamp, available in white and bright orange. Its originality? reverse the cone principle to model the light diffusion. A floor lamp version is also available.

Artek_Kori Collection © Photography by Marc Eggimann