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News / Design / Furniture / Stockholm Furniture Fair: 4PM, the distinguished lounge chair

Stockholm Furniture Fair: 4PM, the distinguished lounge chair

The Stockholm Furniture Fair kicked off in style with the first edition of the Scandinavian Design Awards. In the Furniture of the Year category, the 4PM lounge chair, designed by Chris Martin for the Swedish publisher Massproductions, was awarded.

Massproductions is a manufacturer committed to sustainable development: it has been awarded twice at the Scandinavian Design Awards. The 4PM lounge chair was unveiled at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Its design by Chris Martin is a tribute to the Italian designer Enzo Mari. It is designed from Douglas fir or cherry wood, and plays on the contrast between this raw material and the ergonomics that ensure comfort. As Chris Martin says, “A chaise lounge isn’t really a piece of furniture you’ll ever need, but if you can afford it, it can brighten up your day. And when I say can afford, I mean can afford in terms of space, because a lounge chair takes up a lot of space relative to its function.” He adds, “Enzo Mari’s design was on another level. He was careful not to pollute the world with objects. He didn’t present anything that couldn’t be justified as a sustainable product. He had a talent that inspires you.” To note, the information can be downloaded free of charge so that everyone can eventually build the foundation.