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News / Stefan Leo, multi-function designer

Stefan Leo, multi-function designer

German designer with twenty years of experience, Stefan Leo has enriched himself with ever more technical know-how and methods. Working on various materials, the designer’s pieces have seduced luxury houses such as Dior and Louis Vuitton. Until April 28, it presents the “Stefan Leo by Galerie 208” collection, in partnership with Galerie 208.

“My goal has always been to design, but above all to create something out of the ordinary and into something extraordinary. With his workshop based in Berlin and made up of 12 craftsmen with multiple skills, Stefan Leo can be proud of the progress made. After taking his first steps as a creative photographer around the world, Stefan Leo also wanted to start designing objects. For several years, he collaborates with craftsmen all over the world to bring his ideas to life. The birth of his daughter will then make him return to Germany, where he will create the Atelier Stefan Leo, which has the particularity of concentrating several skills, in the same space.

A multi-functional workshop for multi-skilled artisans


Wishing to work without limits, Stefan Leo wanted his workshop to be as well equipped as possible and above all that all the craftsmen who work there were able to combine skills. Thus, within his workshop, cohabit a forge, a bronze workshop, a carpentry and a leather workshop. Glass and ceramics are also worked there. “We have everything at our fingertips. It’s quite unusual but it’s an integral part of my process. We are used to a workshop focusing on a particular material or know-how, but I wanted to combine everything. » All the artisans in the workshop have been trained to work on any type of material, a strength of Atelier Stefan Leo. “For me, it’s the materials that drive the design. People think I’m a designer, but I see myself more as a creator. »

ONNO console, "Stefan Leo by Galerie 208" collection
Wall lamp, collection "Stefan Leo by Galerie 208"

Exhibition at Gallery 208


Stefan Leo’s work on ceramics and glass paste was discovered by the director of Galerie 208, Patricia Chicheportiche, during the GURU design fair last September. And quickly, their collaboration for a collection was born. The five pieces that make up “Stefan Leo by Galerie 208” are the result of long years of work and experimentation, for a result that is colourful, pigmented and full of finesse.
Maïa Pois

GOLF table, "Stefan Leo by Galerie 208" collection © Galerie 208
Collection "Stefan Leo by Galerie 208" © Galerie 208