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News / Special summer intramuros: Extend the experience with augmented reality!

Special summer intramuros: Extend the experience with augmented reality!

The world at a standstill has revealed our desires and attentions, and more than our desires, the need to enter a time of transition. A fundamental movement is taking place, and redefines the frameworks for the use of our resources. More than ever, the last few months have resounded with a powerful “green call”, between inspirations and aspirations, which we wanted to address in this issue.

Key element of this change, how does design support this ecological transition at work?


While being creative, innovative, emancipated.


Creative, in the proposal of sustainable AND desirable solutions and products.
Innovative , in the research and use of biomaterials, the rediscovery of natural resources, the reuse of materials.
Emancipated , in the search for solutions in short circuits, in listening to the aspirations of the company to other ways of consuming, of living, of living quite simply.

For this special issue, we asked Chafik Gasmi to be a “guest designer”: 15 years ago he imagined a bioclimatic hotel in the middle of the desert, completely autonomous. The year 2020 gave him the opportunity to finalize an ecological cabin concept, where everything is tailor-made in an economy of costs and autonomy, so that this dream is affordable to as many people as possible: together we built the progress of this magazine, combining our thoughts and skills. And this magazine exclusively presents the prototype of this cabin in augmented reality.

Wishing you a pleasant reading, and a wonderful summer!

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Nathalie Degardin
Editor in Chief

Intramuros # 208, special summer.

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