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SieMatic: the SLX range puts the kitchen at the heart of living spaces

Since its market launch, the SieMatic SLX range has achieved growing international success with designers, interior designers, architects and other specifiers and customers. This handle-less kitchen concept has already won four high-level design awards, including the German Design Award 2021. Recognition of the openness of SieMatic, which clearly positions its products as structural elements of the interior space, beyond the primary functionality of the modules linked to the kitchen. A truly innovative approach to interior design.

SieMatic, gamme SLX Pure, finition laque mate blanc Lotus.

The SLX line is part of the Pure universe, one of the most upscale and luxurious proposals of SieMatic, and it is also one of its last complete programs: it is really this category of products that is gaining momentum and starts to take the step internationally in terms of order volume of the German company. One of the reasons for this success is undoubtedly its many planning possibilities, which also defined its design philosophy. Whether it is Scandinavian design in minimalist white tones, or an expressive and contrasting play of warm wood tones and cold stainless steel, with its clean lines and wide range of material and design variants. colors, the SLX range masters all architectural challenges and perfectly assumes its role as the heart of living spaces.

SieMatic, gamme SLX PURE, détail gorge.

An impression of levitation due to a technical feat

In 1960, SieMatic was the creator of the handle-less kitchen: since then, the company’s mission has always been geared towards innovation, in the contribution in the design and functionality of kitchens, the proposal of sets and accessories. sophisticated and minimalist fittings. This is particularly the founding idea of this SLX line, which among other things redesigned a particularly sophisticated groove – a horizontal or vertical hollow depending on the volumes – finely structured, with a discreetly integrated lighting and individually controllable in the hollow of this groove.

On the one hand, this indirect light which streams in the horizontal grooves of an island makes the worktop visually float, which then seems almost levitating. A technical feat made possible by SieMatic’s ability to offer work plans which are only 5 mm thick visible, in various possible materials, and especially thanks to a technique patented by the brand: there is a frame under the thin thickness of material, which will stiffen it. This will be completely hidden, embedded in the body of the cabinet, behind the throat: only the edge of the material remains visible, which accentuates this impression of lightness, and fits perfectly with the design of the facades bias, in a very sharp architectural balance. The detail, the finesse of the research, is thus the very essence of this high-end collection.
On the other hand, far from being a kind of “interior lighting” of the drawer, the light strip allows the atmosphere to be personalized by the choice of its color temperature, via an application compatible with all home automation systems.

Taking into account the work carried out on proportions and finishes, the SieMatic SLX range completely takes its place in interior design studies, in today’s trends, while keeping its functional properties.

The importance of finishes

Along with the technical challenges, the integrated design team also sought effects of sophistication in the structure, with an eye for detail to guarantee a minimalist line: the balance of proportions, the detail of the finish, the choice of hinges ( invisible), as well as the materials. Thus, the matching glass display cases echo the fine proportions of the SLX, resuming its metal surfaces, its veneers and lacquers , and adding a touch of lightness – with seemingly hanging drawers, as well as see-through doors and sides.

Side materials , the SieMatic Pure SLX innovates with facades in ceramic finish, which completes what the brand was already doing, with 7 different variations, which range from the most united to strong veins, which nevertheless allow the compositions to maintain continuity and guarantee an aesthetic of ” sublime architectural monolith. Metal being one of the current strong trends, SieMatic also offers a new Metallic Laminate finish, available in 4 different shades . These are proposals that will particularly appeal to projects of open kitchens in the living room, fully integrated into the space in an approach to structuring a living room. In its finishes, its proportions, the SieMatic Pure SLX , while keeping its functional properties, totally takes its place in interior design studies, in today’s trends. While keeping a hint of timelessness, given the investment related to the product, SieMatic works on a contemporary aesthetic and minimalist.

A pioneering positioning of SieMatic

What SieMatic offers goes beyond the kitchen itself, offering an interior design concept. As borders have been erased in the interior, in the design of its various ranges, SieMatic goes beyond the technical limits of a utility kitchen to progress gradually more widely towards the development of living spaces, with this strong notion of experience, feeling, emotional connection, also valuing personalization, according to the client’s lifestyles. Studies show, this year of confinement has accentuated this demand to improve one’s interior, to be able to recharge one’s batteries by improving the atmospheres. It is therefore no longer a question of only seeking excellence in technique and materials, but also of challenging this notion of experience and serenity.

This is why the SieMatic design language is rich and alive. By being attentive to the way we live today, to the expressed needs, to the revealed trends, it combines the most diverse expressions, the most sophisticated formulations and yet, it is always clearly recognizable – thanks to its specificity: the timeless elegance. It can be found in all forms of design, from small style elements to globally designed space concepts. The term “holistic” is a particularly important keyword for the design language. SieMatic places as much value on the interior as it does on the exterior. And form is always in harmony with functionality.

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