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Shield, screens and protective blinds for offices

Bandalux reacts to the Covid-19 crisis by unveiling Shield, its first range of health protection dedicated to office spaces and reception areas.

Founded in 1986, Bandalux’s classic activity is the manufacture of blinds or sun protection. Initially, in the current context, the Spanish manufacturer made a commitment by producing and distributing masks and sanitary screens. Today, the group has adapted to demand and has partly reconverted its production to respond to the implementation of barrier measures in companies. The Shield range has thus just been developed, to protect people while preserving social ties.

Transparent, discreet and functional protection

On a daily basis, exchanges related to communication – both verbal and visual – are inseparable from conviviality at work and therefore from the well-being of employees. By respecting barrier gestures and the necessary distancing, people can now maintain – and maintain – close relationships while maintaining their activity. Working in the same space, they are – and remain – safe while maintaining the relational links essential to the quality of life at work.

flexible PVC – stabilized to avoid any expansion effect – has a thickness of 0.5 mm. It is also available in Cristal FR fabric. It provides thermal insulation and acts as an efficient barrier against projections, especially postilions. It is – also – self-extinguishing. It is very easy to clean with a chamois leather and isopropyl alcohol or simply with soapy water.

Bandalux has declined this Shield range in three versions to meet the layout of all interior spaces:

Écran fixe de protection sanitaire
Store enrouleur de protection sanitaire avec caisson

Screen width: 80 to 590 cm
Screen height – canvas with load bars included and excluding cables: 90 cm minimum
Height from 80 to 180 cm for width of 200 cm
Height from 180 to 590 cm for width of 180 cm

Store enrouleur de protection sanitaire intégré au plafond

Two awning widths: 137 and 180 cm – Other dimensions on request
Maximum height: 320 cm – Other height on request
Natural aluminum casing: 85 mm – White lacquered aluminum finish option
Chain maneuver or motorization option (Bandalux motor with integrated rechargeable battery – without electrical connection)
Bandalux in France: The Spanish group has a head office in Lyon which also acts as a showroom and a second showroom located in Toulouse.