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News / Rising Talents 2022: the 7 talents from the Netherlands

Rising Talents 2022: the 7 talents from the Netherlands

For the September edition of Maison & Objet, the Rising Talents Awards present the work of seven talents working in the Netherlands. Presentation.

Hanna Kooistra, nominated by Kiki Van Eijk


A graduate of the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, Hanna Kooistra is inspired by Dutch objects in each of her creations:“Many products today suffer from the effect of globalization. We don’t really know where they come from anymore. That’s why the starting point for each of my creations is systematically a Dutch object “. she explains. For example, his Plakkenpot coffee pot collection was inspired by a silver model from the Rijksmueum in Amsterdam, redesigned with a paint roller, which lends its versions their bulbous shapes. At the same time, she proposed a reinterpretation of a traditional Dutch chair – the knopstoel – whose version can be completely folded and hung on the wall. Currently, the designer is working on a new folding stool made of wood and with a square of fabric, inspired by traditional Flemish clothing.

Hanna Kooistra
Plakkenpot Collection

Ruben Hoogvliet & Gijs Wouters, nominated by Kiki Van Eijk


Ruben Hoogvliet & Gijs Wouters form the FIG workshop. They met while studying at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem from which they both graduated. Among their notable projects is the Gravity collection of porcelain bowls and candleholders, born of a desire to create ceramics without molds. This technique originally developed by Ruben Hoogvliet involves soaking foam structures in liquid clay, which are then suspended before firing. “I find their process very innovative. It requires extensive experimental research,” commented Kiki Van Eijk. Today, the duo is working on developing its Gravity collection in new forms and different types of objects, replacing some of the materials used so that they are more ecological and sustainable.

FIG workshop © barbaraammerlaan

Théophile Blandet, nominated by Hella Jongerius

A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Théophile Blandet’s work has already distinguished itself by its presence at Frieze London, Art Basel and the Fiac Paris. He also had the right to an exhibition at the Fons Welters Gallery in Amsterdam in 2020. It is his PS series, which means both “postscript” and “polystyrene” that stands out as his signature project. “We should change the way we look at plastic. Like ivory, it will be banned in the future, which makes it a valuable material today.” All his creations are handmade from plastic scraps to offer a result halfway between functional objects and sculptures.

PS Series

Visser & Meijwaard, nominated by Ineke Hans


The duo Visser & Meijwaard graduated from the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Their flagship project: the Grey on Gray cabinet, which refers to industrial crates. The latter uses the same material, Himacs, and replicates the same striped design on its sides. Several of their products have been published by several brands such as Pulpo, Moooi Carpets and Linteloo. “We always claim that our goal is to create distinct and different objects, but with a minimalist design. More broadly, they have designed the windows of Hermès stores in Hong Kong, Qatar and Japan.

Visser & Meijwaard
Grey on Gray cabinet

Seok-Hyeon Yoon, nominated by Wieki Somers


Seok-Hyeon Yoon was born in Cheongju, South Korea. He first studied industrial design at Kookmin University in Seoul before graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven. “Seok-Hyeon has a delicate handwriting. His work fits perfectly into the Dutch design tradition in that it is both conceptual and aesthetic,” said Wieki Somers. Ott/Une Autre Céramique Paradigmatique is one of his major projects, which began with his discovery that the glazes traditionally used in pottery are not recyclable. As an alternative, he proposed a natural ott tree resin, which has been used for thousands of years as a lacquer for wood in his native country.

Seok-hyeon Yoon
Ott Collection, Another Paradigmatic Ceramic © Ronald Smits

Simone Post, nominated by Ineke Hans


A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Simone Post’s work stands out in particular through her numerous wax prints designed for the Dutch fabric publisher Vlisco. She has also collaborated with brands such as Adidas and Kvadrat. She also released a collection of bowls and containers called Wood Weavings that directly reference the woven baskets of Gambia, through a clever combination of textile and wood. “I love her energy, I love her signature. Simone will be someone you hear about in the design world for many, many years to come,” commented Ineke Hans about her.

Simone Post

Sanne Terweij, nominated by Les Ateliers d’Art de France and the Crafts Council Nederland, winner of the Rising Talent Awards Craft


Born in Amsterdam, Sanne Terweij first studied jewelry and color consulting before working as an artisan. Among his most notable projects are his wall sculptures created with several hundred small rectangles of oxidized and corroded metal in shades of color. “There is something mystical about color. Its impact on our moods and emotions fascinates me,” she explained about her relationship with color.

Sanne Terweij © Barbara Ammerlaan