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Retro 2021: selection of accessories

Lighting, vases, charcoal box… Between an alliance of materials and a multiplicity of know-how, the design of objects has been rich in this year 2021. Non-exhaustive selection of accessories to close the year.

ATHENA light, Atelier Alain Ellouz

Make each light a poem… The alabaster creations of Alain Ellouz combine design and lightness for each of the pieces made to sublimate each interior.

Black Lava Collection, Maison Blanc Carrare

Labeled a living heritage company (EPV), the Blanc Carrare marble house works on natural stone to the delight of interior designers. Beyond its collections dedicated to furnishing, the house develops a furniture and accessories publishing activity. This new collection, in lava stone, notably includes vases and trinket bowls, made by Alessandra Apos & Andrea Persano. Photo: © Daniele Notari.

Le Moulin, “Michel Bras” range for KAI

Winner of the Red Dot Award, “the Mill” of the Michel Bras range developed for the Japanese brand KAI, it revolutionizes the concept of the traditional mill. Designed to be able to grind both hard and soft ingredients, it creates a unique blend of flavors and spices.

Narcissus vase, Najma Temsoury for Maison Dada

Fascinated by the perception of light, which she emphasizes in her creations, designer Najma Temsoury presents Narcisse, designed for Maison Dada. The vase emphasizes the colors and shapes that are revealed as you observe them, creating an equally interesting visual effect thanks to a magnifying effect.

“The Garden of Shadows” charcoal box, Fabrice Cazenave for Sinople

A tribute to wood: “The Garden of Shadows” charcoal boxes by artist Fabrice Cazenave and published by Sinople, available in only 12 copies, combine various materials such as holly, acacia or fir, for a made as fascinating as it is intriguing. Photo: © Anthony Girardi