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News / Events / Retro 2020 – networking: launch of, for employment and design internships

Retro 2020 – networking: launch of, for employment and design internships

During Paris Design Week last September, Pathum Bila-Deroussy announced the creation of The objective: To put companies and designers (students and professionals alike) in contact, this is the objective of the new service, completely free.

For years, involved in various networks of former students, Pathum Bila-Deroussy supports young graduates for their integration into the job market. He also follows companies in their search for designers.

Faced with the difficulty of matching supply and demand, he established various findings. The first is that the market suffers from a lack of clarity: the offer is present, but in a fragmented way, between a multiplication of ultra-specialized job boards and generic platforms which, conversely, have difficulty in categorizing the ‘offer.
As a result, this difficulty in formulating relevant offers raises the question of a good understanding of the skills of designers, of the visibility of the diversity of these skills, so that companies can properly target their needs.

With, Pathum Bila-Deroussy offers a first response by wishing to offer a targeted source of information, with a single point of entry. The service is voluntarily free, in order to eventually bring together in the same place job offers from different structures, and it is designed in a decentralized approach (the ambition is to have referents throughout the territory). On the other hand, confidentiality is guaranteed: unlike traditional “CV databases”, only the skills of the candidates are displayed, and the missions of the companies. The matchmaking algorithm has been designed so that the contact details of the candidate and the company are not revealed until both parties have given their consent.

The ambition of this site is to offer both permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, assignments, internship or work-study offers, even volunteering proposals (for example as part of a provision of the company one day per month). In the long term also, could be an interesting observatory of the sector (type of offers, status, remuneration …). A project to follow.

Find the interview with Pathum Bila-Deroussy in the e number 205 of Intramuros.