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News / Design / Events / Retro 2020: 1/2 – the strength of Made in France?

Retro 2020: 1/2 – the strength of Made in France?

This year, the planet at a standstill highlighted short circuit productions, and a renewed interest in consumers to be informed about the behind the scenes of product manufacturing. According to Yves Jego, “the 21st century will be that of transparency”. Questions highlighted in the “Meublez-vous français” campaign, and in one of the online conferences held during this virtual EquipHôtel.

Associating around twenty furniture manufacturers with large distribution networks, the “Meublez-vous français” operation aims in particular to increase the share of furniture manufactured and sold in France by manufacturers to 50% (40% today). hui). This initiative was the subject of an agreement between French Furniture and distributors signed within the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, in the presence of Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State.

The contract sector is of course affected by this campaign, and an online conference hosted by Philippe Jarniat (French furniture) and Intramuros brought together Yves Jego, former minister, president of the organization Origine France Garantie, Arnaud Du Mesnil, Managing Director by Lafuma Mobilier and Bartolomé Lenoir, co-founder of La Chaise française (our photo). The latter company was created in response to Bartolomé Lenoir’s observation of the majority share of imports on the chair market in France. Along with an ecological commitment, its objective is to maintain know-how in France and enhance it to avoid a loss of skills. This company – whose artistic direction was entrusted to Margaux Keller – was part of an ecosystem from the start: it joined forces with a manufacture in Clairveaux for production and is able to respond to all requests. The wood comes from France and each purchase gives rise to a planting in a nursery, which makes the customer an actor. This commitment, which carries social, aesthetic and traceability values, joins those carried by Origine France Garantie. According to Yves Jego, “The XXI e century will be the century of transparency. » For him, the health crisis was revealing, «The Made in France ecosystem, which is a local ecosystem, will be one of the levers for the post-Covid rebound». He notes an explosion in requests for origin certification from business leaders.

Conférence en ligne tenue lors de l'EquipHôtel virtuel.

For its part, Lafuma Mobilier, which opens its collections to contract, presents itself as a “ 60-year-old start-up ” : the brand has grown by claiming ahead of its time, French know-how in metal and canvas, and local material sourcing.

Ainsi, après « l’expérience client », dans l’intérêt croissant que porte le public sur la conception des produits, on semble évoluer vers un « pacte client » : au regard de ce qui se passe dans l’agroalimentaire, celui-ci demande de plus en plus une transparence. Les stratégies marketing vont donc devoir en tenir compte dans l’ameublement, et parallèlement à la mise en scène des produits, montrer les producteurs qui sont derrière. « C’est une valeur forte », selon Yves Jego, qui parle aussi du fort impact en affect de la marque Origine France, certes sur le le territoire national, mais aussi sur un plan international.