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Rediscover your living space with digital experiences: Ikea’s innovative device

What if we rediscover our interiors in an unexpected and playful way, through innovative digital experiences? This is what the Ikea brand has been offering for a few days, via its research and design laboratory SPACE10: several digital devices are put online, thought out and designed in order to explore new ways of interacting with spaces. in which we live.

While the time spent in our interiors has never been more important than it is now, understanding how we interact in these living spaces can be truly fascinating! This is what the platform offers, launched on June 17, by unveiling a series of digital experiences, thought out and designed to explore new ways of interacting with the spaces in which we live: this project, initiated by Ikea and its research and design laboratory SPACE10, brings together some of the best technology studios specializing in the field.

AI, augmented reality, spatial intelligence …

Each experience, available on the platform, reveals how our homes and our interiors could be understood through technology, in a very surprising, playful or clever way; they are based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and cutting-edge spatial intelligence … like three of them, which are particularly fascinating:

> “Optical Soundsystem” (created in partnership with ManVsMachine) is a prototype for an augmented reality application, which would allow everyone to “see” music in their environment. In other words, this experience encourages the consumer to identify a speaker in his house, and to create a visualization, in real time, of the sounds he hears: the sound waves bounce and move around objects, with the possibility of customize what you see according to your preferences!

> “Fort Builder” (carried out with the FIELD studio) is particularly fun: here it becomes possible to use the own objects of its interior, and to stack them on top of each other – defying the laws of gravity – up to what they let go and the construction falls. The opportunity, in short, to apprehend everyday objects differently, completely ignoring their primary function! Especially since it is possible, subsequently, to play with the 3D models thus formed, and to create playful sculptures in virtual reality and augmented reality.

> Finally, “Spatial Instruments” (FIELD studio) is a prototype that invites you to create sounds according to the arrangement of the furniture or the design of a room: thanks to LIDAR technology, we scan and build a model of our living room. , for example, resulting in an interactive instrument capable of translating the shape, depth, color and position of all digitized objects into a unique soundscape. So when you move the camera around the room, the sound is triggered by each shape … whether it’s the smallest objects on the shelves, or larger pieces of furniture. Another interesting feature: the music changes as you rearrange your interior, thus encouraging to change what is familiar, to perceive the house differently … while inspiring inspiration to make new arrangements. !

“Technology, an essential element of the customer experience and of Ikea’s furnishing offer”

Thus, alongside these avant-garde partners with ever more creative projects, Ikea and SPACE10 aim to design innovative solutions for tomorrow’s life, and make everyday life “extraordinary”, as explained. Fredrik Axén, digital manager of Inter Ikea Systems BV: “The house of the future should put its inhabitants back at the center of the equation. It is the place where everyone should feel safe, comfortable and in control. Technology is quickly becoming an essential part of Ikea’s customer experience and furniture offering. As a brand, we focus primarily on the well-being of people and the environment. However, as this new digital age dawns, we are also exploring new ways to create a better everyday life at home, while protecting consumer privacy. ”