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News / RBC and MILLERKNOLL, major players in design

RBC and MILLERKNOLL, major players in design

Millerknoll chose RBC to launch its brand collective in Europe. As the group bases its commercial policy on an international network of major distributors, this event is a strong gesture for the French distributor, a major player in the B to B, hospitality and private residential sectors.

Acquired by Herman Miller in 2021, the merger of the two companies creates a collective of leading brands in the design industry. Until April 29, the shared history of these two iconic companies can be seen at the RBC showroom on rue Violet in Paris. For 35 years in France, RBC has been committed through a program of exhibitions and conferences to the promotion of contemporary architecture and design. The pillars of design history such as the Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe or the Aëron chair by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick were part of the inauguration on April 12, under the commitments of the two brands and the list of new recruits in the presence of Franck Argentin, founder, François Basilien and Tristan Lohner, directors of RBC and Emmanuel Delvaux, Vice-president MillerKnoll Europe.

RBC showroom, rue Violet in Paris

New brands include Naughtone, Fully, Colebrook Bosson Saunders, Design Within Reach, Edelman Leather, Hay, KnollTextiles, Geiger, SpinneybeckIFilzfelt, Knoll, Herman Miller, Maars, Living Walls, Muuto, Maharam, Datesweiser and Holly Hunt.

RBC showroom, rue Violet in Paris

L’exposition devrait circuler dans les showrooms RBC, en juin à Nîmes et en septembre à Montpellier dans le superbe bâtiment de Jean Nouvel. A l’heure où 20% du mobilier en France doit être issu du recyclable, le groupe s’assure un bel avenir dans une économie circulaire, disruptive et agile.

Bénédicte Duhalde

RBC showroom, rue Violet in Paris, to present the collective of Millerknoll brands