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Podcast “The Sound Line”: when design enhances sound

On September 8, during the excitement of Paris Design Week, the first episode of the Sound Line, a podcast that explores the intimate relationship between design and sound and the place that the latter occupies in our daily lives and environments. A sharp editorial line for a hybrid audience (professionals of design, interior architecture, design lovers, music lovers…): this is the challenge what Intramuros and Bang & Olufsen have done in this adventure on the air. Decryption.

The podcast
“The Sound Line
approaches the sound in our daily life, under the angle of the design: the intervention of the sound in the creation of products, the restitution of the sound, the choice of the materials, the report of the individual to the sound, the sound like creative material… This series is aimed at both design enthusiasts and professionals. Each episode develops a specific point of view. The The first ones were successively about the technological challenge of the sound restitution (episode 1 “the challenge: to make cohabit the times”), the sounds that animate our daily life (episode 2 : “the little music of daily life”), the question of materials (episode 3 : “Listening to materials”).

Each episode presents the point of view of a designer on the subject accompanied by a researcher, an expert, a technician, an artist… There is always a small side step that broadens the subject where it is not expected and that surprises, arouses curiosity: presence of a noisemaker (Romain in episode 3) on the question of materials, of a musician on technological subjects (Charles of the group the Empress, in episode 1).

A podcast in partnership


The Intramuros x Bang & Olufsen partnership is about respecting the values of the Danish company, while retaining a freedom of tone. If some episodes obviously reflect its fields of research (technological and environmental challenges), the editorial line is open. All the subjects are approached with the same ethics, in a will to awaken the curiosity of the listeners to this eclectic and fascinating field, in a principle of popularization, to make accessible (without oversimplifying). The design approach allows for a synergy of exchanges and to bring together creative, technical and commercial people around the table and to propose complementary points of view with a common goal: the perception of sound as a creative space and the highlighting of professionals who often remain in the shadows: sound technicians, sound designers…

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In this first episode, Malo (Nova), Alexis (Bang & Olufsen) and Charles (L’Impératrice) talk about the major transformations that have marked the history of sound, from the 20th century to the present day. How to find one’s way through the sound formats that exist today? How can we make them cohabit in our equipment? What are the challenges of good restitution? What new creative playgrounds for musicians?

In this second episode, Valentine (designer, researcher), Chafik (designer, architect) and Michael (President of Sixth Sound) talk about the sounds that animate our daily life. From coffee machines to connected objects, from running water to SNCF jingles, they explore in depth the sound of objects, brands, and environments that accompany us in our daily lives.