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Pierreplume: from recycled textiles to wall coverings

Since 2013, the Prémices and Co agency has been working on the design of an acoustic material, made from recycled textiles, with interesting potential for interior design. The adventure is currently culminating in the launch of Pierreplume slabs, the potential of which was presented to Ateliers de Paris during Paris Design Week.

Trained at Boulle school, Camille Chardayre, Amandine Langlois and Jérémie Triaire decided to take an interest in the circular economy and make it the main mission of their agency Prémices and Co. They were therefore interested in recycling textiles: ”In France, a person consumes on average 11 kilos of clothes per year. We collect about 20%. The European objectives aim to increase the collection of used clothing and its recovery: the field of recycled textiles is booming. But what to do with these piles of clothes? ”. Pierreplume is a first response for interior architecture applications: this material comes from recycling textiles and offers a new outlet for what until then mainly concerned padding, insulation, etc.

Deux exemples de Pierreplume

Prémices and Co reinvents Rag Concrete

Formerly called “Rag Concrete”, Pierreplume is a recycled textile material. Developed by Prémices and Co, this product has interesting acoustic properties.

Applied by tiles to the wall, it provides a soothing sound atmosphere in open spaces, restaurants, reception halls, but can be used for a cozy atmosphere in more closed spaces (homes, hotel rooms, offices.)

A product that is easy to work with

The appearance of these recycled textile tiles recalls the tones of concrete, while its touch is soft and supple. This material By identifying the aesthetic potential of this recovery of textile fibers, the Prémices and Co agency reflected on new uses: it entrusted test modules to designers, creators, interior architects, to explore their use for wall coverings or the creation of partition panels.
Creation of patterns, advice on acoustics, finishes and applications of the material… the Prémices and Co agency offers tailor-made support for its use according to the projects and needs. The whole range can be found on