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Pierre Charpin, winning duo with Tectona

Winner of the Plateforme 10 competition (a new building in Lausanne which will house the MUDAC and the Musée de l’Elysée), Pierre Charpin has designed with Tectona a bench for the exhibition rooms.

It is in the new arts district of Lausanne that the Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (MUDAC) and that of the Elysée, cantonal museum dedicated to photography, will take their district at Plateforme 10. This building, formerly repair halls for locomotives, will open its doors to the public in June 2022 .

Referring to the railway tracks that run alongside Plateforme 10, Pierre Charpin imagined a very simple piece of furniture but with a strong presence. “I tried to hang on to the history of the building, and that’s how the idea came to work with fairly massive sections of wood reminiscent of railway ties. ” If Pierre Charpin likes to hang up the wagons, he also likes to weave a web between his different lives.
Sponsored by the publisher Tectona with whom he has collaborated for a long time, this competition caught the attention of the designer out of his attachment to the brand and to the city since he taught at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) for several years.

Its bench, without backrest, is made up of solid oak sections which are assembled in such a way that they fit together very simply. This natural and local material was chosen in part to recall the desire to make this new district a place where biodiversity, environment and sustainability will be in the spotlight.

Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda