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Portfolio / Design / Paul Outters

Paul Outters


Graduated from a DNSEP Design Object / Space in 2019 at the Higher School of Art and Design of Reims, I continue my research and experiments in my own workshop. In parallel with my experiences at Eric bBlondin, Normal Studio and Louis Vuitton, I was able to write “the asphalt botanist”, a thesis that I supported with a plastic project in June 2019. Throughout my training, I had the opportunity to juggle different worlds. Working just as well an artistic approach with a great sensitivity to forms and matter, and at the same time, a more technical methodology which requires knowledge of software for an industrial approach. It is through this mixture of techniques that I forge my look on the question of a motley design. This position allowed me in particular to exhibit in 2018 at the Satellite Show in Milan, and to receive the Merit and Citizenship Award from the City of Reims for my school career.



Telephone : 0631109789

The main mind is to play with the rigidity and strength of a plate when it is twisted, to create a solid volume supporting the weight of a person.
The height between each floor is 40 cm, which leaves the possibility of using one of the three parts in the form of a bench.
Maya is a hybrid sculpture in two ranges: interior lighting and side mirror.
This project is made from concrete hemp. This new material is promising by its physical qualities, and its low ecological impact.
Le projet réside en une approche expérimentale autour de la cruche d’eau. Verser et transporter, sont les deux fonctions exploitées au cours de ces recherches.
To build a herbarium of the streets, to make a new type of furniture linking the urban and domestic universe.