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Paris Design Week 2021: Magic mushrooms

It is by questioning the materials used to decorate domestic spaces and those more ephemeral, such as the temporary installations of trade fair or exhibition stands, that this collective of four resident designers at the Ateliers de Paris have found an alternative to the ‘interior design. To discover until September 18.

L’Atelier Sumbiosis, Cécile Canel, Jacques Averna and Laureline de Leeuw present Paper Fungus , a material made from mycelium, hemp and which also enhances technical paper scraps for more desirable decorations. “The walls have always told stories with moldings, ornaments, curtains and hangings too… they are true supports of artistic expression. “

During the exhibition, the collective reinterprets three types of decorative elements: cornices, tiles and columns were molded using this new generation binder, the mycelium. Its intrinsic qualities make it a resistant, hydrophobic, breathable material and it has the ability to filter certain viruses and toxins. Naturally agglomerating, the mycelium offers the possibility of being amalgamated with hemp and scraps of technical paper. The process of fusion between materials is stopped by human intervention before the fungus does not grow too much. It is in partnership with Processes Chenel and Grown Bio that the project was able to see the light of day. Once again, the refinement associated with ingenuity opens the field of possibilities!


Cecile Papapietro-Matsuda

Until September 18
Ateliers de Paris, 30 rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine 75012 Paris