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News / Non Sans Raison, sensible porcelain

Non Sans Raison, sensible porcelain

Accustomed to collaborations with tables of chefs, Non Sans Raison was chosen by the pastry chef Fabien Rouillard to dress the tables of his café, installed in the house of Victor Hugo.

Both editor and designer, the pair Bertille Carpentier and Martial Dumas have been offering table services since 2008. Each of their collections must have meaning. “We are on a quest for perfection both through innovation and through the enhancement of this Limoges porcelain know-how which is close to our hearts” . Their attachment to places steeped in history begins with Limoges where their tableware is manufactured, but it is in Saint-Germain-des-Prés that they settle. “The Germanopratin spirit is always based on reflection and purity” . And if from their first steps in the world of creation, Non Sans Raison chose the iconic Maison Mulot for its emblematic madeleines, it is to them that Fabien Rouillard calls on them for the dishes of the Café Mulot.

Non Sans Raison porcelain, for the café tables of pastry chef Fabien Rouillard ©Jean-Baptiste Millot

Together, they decide to marry different collections adapted to the needs of the chef. “The link between cooking and porcelain is strong. The decor of a dish is important and adds value to the dish” . For the Café Mulot, they opt for Magma (projections of liquid cobalt on biscuit before enameling), Odissey (a reinterpretation of the traditional net but with an oscillating wave), Evolution (an end-of-study project by Simon Naouri) and A Table (a collection dedicated to children).

Porcelain Not Without Reason © Romain Guittet

La boucle est bouclée dans le plus vieux quartier de Paris, et dans la non moins historique maison de celui qui signa « Demain, dès l’aube ». Cerise sur le gâteau, Léopoldine n’est autre que le nom du dernier dessert de la maison !

Cécile Papapietro-Matsuda

Non Sans Raison porcelain, design Simon Naouri © Romain Guittet