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New Living Wood competition: Discover the winners of the 2021 edition

Initiated by Codifab (meeting of professional organizations in the wood industry), the New Living Wood competition is aimed at students of interior design and architecture and is organized by Le FRENCH DESIGN by VIA. The winners of the last edition have just been announced.

The kitchen was at the heart of the 2021 theme of the New Living Wood competition: the students were indeed invited to propose planning solutions around the “dining space of tomorrow” by using the properties of wood in their projects, for example. its mechanical, insulating or acoustic properties. As Jean-Paul Bath, director of the FRENCH DESIGN by VIA, “The new generation is now in a position to provide new answers, and to raise new issues in woodland living, the development of original, adaptable and human living spaces. The New Living Wood competition presents forward-looking projects and reflects the trends of tomorrow in our interior design ”.

1st prize Cuisinivrac, by Théo Descantes (LISAA, Paris)

His project ? Use the properties of wood to imagine a bulk food storage system, which of course meets health standards.

2nd Greffectoire Prize (Lou Fleurigeon and Judith Poillot, École La Martinière, Lyon)

This project is interested in the development of common kitchens: the idea is a module that can transport personal belongings from a bedroom to the common room, and also fit into a work plan, the time of the day. meal preparation, or even provide a small side table.

3 e Price Process’Local (Rébecca Rival, LISAA Paris).

This project proposes a reflection around a kitchen system nomadic, imagined at the scale of a village, thought of as a space for sharing.

Find all the competition projects on the website of FRENCH DESIGN by VIA.