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Design / Interior architecture / Neolith unveils itself with “Six-S” Collection

Neolith unveils itself with “Six-S” Collection

The new “Six-S” Collection range from Neolith® draws its essence from the Covid-19 pandemic, revealing in the process the six fundamental values of the brand: solidarity, hygiene, strength, elegance, sensitivity and sustainability.

Called the “Six-S” Collection, the new range presented by Neolith® shows that the choice of materials can have a positive impact on public health, well-being and quality of life, as well as on the environment. These six models, influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, evoke the six essential characteristics of the pioneering Pierre Frittée brand.

Six fundamental attributes

Solidarity : representing the deeply rooted family values of Neolith ® , its social sense and its commitment to creating a stronger and more sustainable society.

Sanitary (Hygiene) : promote the ultra-hygienic properties of Neolith ® . Easy-to-clean, low-maintenance surfaces that can be disinfected using the harshest chemicals without tarnishing or damaging.

Strong (Strength) : refers to the innate properties of great robustness and ultra-resistance of Neolith ® . The material provides long-term value for both the user and the environment.

Stylish (Elegance) : Offering hyperrealistic designs, the Six-S Collection delicately incorporates ever-changing global design trends. These new models easily combine elegance and robustness.

Sensory (Sensitivity) : unveils a multisensory experience thanks to the development of an exceptional range of textures and special finishes that create a unique touch. Each of the new models offers extreme realism, evoking the wonders of nature.

Sustainable (Durability) : as a company very much aware of the growing importance of green design and construction. Neolith ® offers 100% natural, carbon neutral surfaces, suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Six models beyond aesthetics

The latest creations invite you to travel, from the majestic Himalayas to the burning Arabian desert, without ever compromising on aesthetics, to offer high definition colors. The tactile finishes specially developed for each surface help to create materials with extreme realism.
The Six-S Collection includes six new models, which will be added to the Neolith range ® already existing. The last one will be unveiled at the end of July.

Winter dala

The Winter Dala owes its name to the Dalecarlian horses, symbols of Swedish folklore. These brightly painted wooden statues, made from the slow growing pines that surround Lake Siljan in Sweden, reflect the primary role of these beasts in local society.
Hand carved, the statues evoke enduring strength, grace, refinement and beauty. Qualities valid for Neolith surfaces ® .

Winter Dala, collection Six-s, Neolith®

With a distinct and original appearance, Neolith® has succeeded in obtaining the essence of the unique texture of this pine, using the latest decoration technologies to create surfaces with a touch similar to that of unvarnished wood.

Dala is produced in two tones, summer and winter, one depicting a profile of freshly cut wood, the other an aged appearance reminiscent of the spectacular, windswept coast of the North Sea.
The introduction of the Dala motifs underscores the Neolith’s continued commitment to sustainable practices and the preservation of our natural forests and tropical forests.
Like the other wood-inspired designs in the range, the summer and winter Dala faithfully recreate the cross sections of real trees, without the need to cut them down, which has a positive impact on the environment.
Winter Dala is offered in a Silk finish in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses and available in 3200mm x 1600mm and 3200mm x 1500mm sizes.


Amazonico transports the observer to the humid, lush, dense and exotic tropical forests of the South, with their mixture of flora and fauna and their gently flowing rivers.
The product encompasses dark and mysterious tones, depicting the dense forest floor gradually giving way to lighter colors that refer to the gradual emergence of the tree canopy.

Amazonico, collection Six-s, Neolith®

Amazonico is available in Decor Polished or Slate finish in a thickness of 6 mm and is available in 3200 x 1500 mm format.

Abu Dhabi White

Abu Dhabi White evokes the sunny landscapes of the Arabian coast, characterized by its scorching heat and shimmering waters. Influenced by the colors of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the capital of the emirate, this model features golden veins and flint gray flecks create a subtle and delicate look. Combined with the texture of unpolished natural stone, this tile provides a refreshing look and a feeling of minimalism.

Abu Dhabi Winter, collection Six-s, Neolith®

Abu Dhabi White is offered with a polished decor or silk finish in 6mm and 12mm thickness and available in 3200mm x 1600mm and 3200mm x 1500mm.


Like the stories of Scheherazade, Layla evokes the magic and mysticism of the Arabian Nights. Tales of caves overflowing with glittering gold, bottled geniuses, and romances played out in tranquil, tiled courtyards and rooms filled with incense inspired this motif. This color, which harmoniously combines an ensemble of light gray and dark gray hues and tones, is a bold but elegant statement.


Layla is offered with a polished or slate finish in 6mm, 12mm and 20mm thickness and available in 3200mm x 1600mm and 3200 x 1500mm.

Himalaya Crystal

The majesty and the height of the Himalayan peaks inspired this clear and lucid scheme. Himalaya Crystal pays homage to the region’s famous salt crystals, which have been mined in the region since the time of Alexander the Great. The bold veining contrasts with the subtle spontaneity and a slight translucency adds to the authenticity. This results in a clean, crystal-clear look, which seems to brighten up any space it is applied to.

Himalaya Crystal, collection Six-s, Neolith®

Himalaya Crystal is offered with a Decor Polished or Ultra Soft finish in 6mm, 12mm and 20mm thickness and available in 3200mm x 1600mm and 3200 x 1500mm.