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News / Calls for applications / National Furniture launches its 2023 acquisition campaign

National Furniture launches its 2023 acquisition campaign

After the entry of 54 new pieces of furniture on February 1st, the Mobilier National continues to support young creation and opens its new acquisition campaign 2023. Applications are open until May 15.

In 2020, the Mobilier National has mobilized to support the ecosystem of crafts and design, innovative creative approaches and emerging talents. Thus, and in order to enrich its collections and highlight the creation in the highest authorities of the Republic, the Institution wished to acquire new contemporary pieces, through an acquisition campaign.

This call for proposals is open to artists and designers who are self-publishing or working through their gallery and/or publisher. The selection process aims to submit to an exceptional commission pieces of artistic character already produced, whose originality of the creative process, their design and know-how mobilized are markers.

As with the three previous campaigns, the proposed pieces will be submitted to a jury composed of professionals from the design sector. These must be original works and limited to 8 copies, already made. The pieces in question must be handmade or have been made according to the designer’s instructions and under his control.

Also, the designer or his representative must be in agreement with the fact that by submitting a proposal for a contemporary work for acquisition, he agrees to grant the Mobilier national, on a non-exclusive basis, the right to represent the work to the public by way of exhibition in its premises as well as within the public buildings for which the Mobilier national ensures the installation.