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Natacha & Sacha, sustainability and household appliances

The Natacha & Sacha design and research studio questions the modes of operation and production of objects, as well as their use. For the two founders, Natacha Poutoux and Sacha Hourcade, it is notably a question of rethinking household appliances according to design codes, which are still too little present, in order to ensure their durability. The duo will take part in the Paris Design Week Factory (from September 3 to 8), at the Espace Commines (Paris 3rd).

Since 2018, the studio natacha & sacha never ceases to seduce. Winner of the 2019 City of Paris Grands Prix, nominated for the 2020 Maison & Objet Rising Talent Awards, the duo formed by Natacha Poutoux and Sacha Hourcade is quietly defining its place on the French design scene.

After a few years with the Bouroullec brothers for one, and alongside India Mahdavi for the other, the two graduates of ENSCI-Les Ateliers founded their studio. A way of “ move away from author design “, and so “ not be locked into a problem and be able to bounce back on several subjects ”, Confides Natacha Poutoux.
Their approach consists of “ provide an answer where there is a lack ”, Explains the young woman. To this end, the two designers exchange with people, observe their behavior, their interactions with spaces and objects.

Le tapis chauffant Tracés s’inspire des tables japonaises kotatsu © natacha&sacha

On the strength of this “anthropological” approach, their research is oriented in particular towards household appliances, the “ poor relation of design ”, Considers Sacha Hourcade. “ It’s been a long time since designers were interested in this field ”, He continues,“ these objects mainly come from industry . ” They are designed by engineers, “ have the codes of technical objects, but are out of step with the home and the domestic that we have been able to observe ”.
From this initiative was born Traces, a rug inspired by Japanese kotatsu tables, which “ heats close to the body, while the rest of the space is cold ”, Explains Natacha. Awarded at the 2019 City of Paris Grands Prix, this object made of graphene, a heating textile, consumes 16 times less electricity per 2 square meters than an electric heater, allowing substantial energy savings.

“How to rethink household appliances to make them more durable?”

La bouilloire électrique en porcelaine Métis 03 © natacha&scha

Natacha and Sacha are convinced that we must ask “ a furniture designer look at these objects, draw them just like a chair or a sofa ”. In this way “we make them desirable. And if we want them, we use them longer”, Assures the young designer,“ we make people want to keep these objects, just like a grandmother’s wardrobe, which we pass on from generation to generation . ” From this reflection was born their electric kettle Métis 03, working with induction. Dedicated to replace the plastic models, which promote the formation of tartar, very energy consuming, this porcelain kettle can be washed in the dishwasher. The water tank part can be used independently, like a simple carafe.
Currently in search of publishing, the duo has a dozen confidential projects that he initiated and that he presents “ then to brands that seem relevant to each project “, He explains. Thus, an industrialist is testing graphene-based textiles in order to manufacture heating cushions for users of bars and cafes in winter, since cities such as Brussels or Rennes now prohibit heating terraces for ecological reasons.
natacha & sacha is also about collaboration with publishers or companies: “several collaborations are underway with in particular Lexon, Designerbox, Cider and a Japanese cosmetics company Isehan Honten. The products we are developing for these brands are still confidential, but they will be unveiled by the end of the year or early 2021.“.

Until then, Natacha Poutoux and Sacha Hourcade will continue to occupy the stage. From September 3 to 8, they will take part in the Paris Design Week, at the Espaces Commines (Paris 3rd), as part of the Paris Design Week Factory (new place dedicated to young creation) before presenting a furniture system and fittings for hotel lobbies during the Salon Equipe Hotel in November.

This wall lamp uses the wall as a hanging bracket and reflector. The power cable is diverted as a graphic and aesthetic element. The cable lamp rotates on an axis of 360 degrees.

© natacha & sacha

© natacha&sacha

The Métis 02 air humidifier measures and regulates the percentage of humidity inside a room. It helps promote good breathing in people with asthma for example.

© natacha&sacha

The Métis 01 server can easily store and secure your home data. The object is ceramic, a material with thermal inertia. The choice of material and shape promotes the natural convection of heat and prevents overheating of the object.