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News / Design / Objects / Architecture / MVRDV and Delta Light to Unveil High Profile Collection in Milan

MVRDV and Delta Light to Unveil High Profile Collection in Milan

At Milan Design Week in June, Dutch architectural firm MVDRV and lighting brand Delta Light will present the High Profile collection. A project that is not only architectural but also and above all eco-responsible.

The High Profile collection by MVRDV and Delta Light will be unveiled in Milan from June 6 to 12. A series of luminaires whose common thread has been the use of the surplus aluminum profiles of Delta Light luminaires. This is an opportunity for MVRDV’s architects to take a critical look at the manufacturing process of everyday products and to highlight the value of these offcuts, which are generally not recycled. Thus, for this project, the metal parts become the central element.

Free-standing models in pink and white, High Profile collection © Delta Light

One collection, three designs


The High Profile series, in which each luminaire is handcrafted, consists of three models: a cube-shaped pendant, an arch-shaped wall lamp and a freestanding model composed of profiles placed side by side and then stacked. The colors chosen for these realizations are aligned on a chromatic range around pink, ochre, light green and pale blue, and which come to add to the classic white, black and gold range known at Delta Light.

High Profile suspension © Delta Light
High Profile wall lamp © Delta Light

Raise awareness and ask questions about reuse


With this collection, the idea was to reflect on the importance of reusing materials and the concept of sustainability. Indeed, reusing what already exists, allows to reduce the environmental impact since no trip is made to get new aluminum parts. Also, since the lamps can be dismantled, the materials can be reused later.