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MUT Design breaks in & out codes

MUT Design is responsible for the design of IMM’s “Das Haus 2020”. An opportunity for the spearhead of the “new wave” of Spanish design to present his vision of the house of the future.

After the Czech Lucie Koldova in 2018 and the Australian duo Truly Truly in 2019, it is the turn of a trio to exhibit their creativity in Hall 3. MUT Design, on the strength of its successful productions such as the Nautica or the Twins Armchair, readily accepts the challenge. The founders of the studio, Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, then joined by the Dutch designer Alika Pola Knabe, ensure that their emotions are translated into the scenography of their design creations.
The “Das Haus” will be an ideal house, not a real one. Inspired by their pasts and their lives in the region of Valencia, their production will be anchored in the architecture of traditional Mediterranean houses. Because they consider that everyday life as a whole must be the primary source of inspiration for a designer.

The Spanish studio breaks the concept of interior and exterior

The Spaniards cherish an “a la fresca” way of life. Any occasion is good to eat, sleep or meet outside the walls of the house. Thus, the exterior space becomes an extension of the interior space.
The Valencian trio takes the idea further by removing the interior-exterior duality. Exit the classic structure. The walls fall, revealing the four rooms of their project, bathed in natural sunlight, and partitioning the patio in the center of the house.
Then he upsets the assumptions. The socialization rooms become intimate and vice versa. Thus, the kitchen and the dining room conducive to exchanges become areas of rest, where individuality takes precedence. The bathroom and the bedroom are transformed into living and sharing areas.
MUT Design breaks codes in order to create confusion. The studio wishes to give another use of objects in order to encourage visitors to think about the use of the house. Thus, the bathroom will not be completed by a bathtub or a shower, as usual, but by a hammock.

A showcase for MUT Design

Unmissable event on the European furniture scene, the Cologne Imm is an opportunity for the studio to present its work to as many people as possible.
The “encalados” walls of the house, whitewashed in chalk to keep the freshness and reflect the light as in Spain, will host the two products that revealed the studio to the whole world. The Nautica hanging chair and the Twins Armchairs, each awarded the Red Dot Award in 2014 and 2017, will be featured in two of the four rooms of the “Das Haus”.
The show will also be an opportunity to unveil nearly 10 new products, stamped MUT. Furniture created specifically for the “Das Haus”, which will have a dual use, since it can be used indoors and outdoors.
These unpublished items will mingle with some accessory products from the work of young foreign designers.

A studio that aims to be family-friendly

Derived from Catalan, MUT takes the meaning of “Silence! »In French and« Courage »in German, like a watchword that guides the trio. Having become one of the references of European design, it ensures quality work, faithful to its values.
Almost a decade after its creation, the Valencian studio has remained the same. From the start, Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón surrounded themselves with a few trustworthy people who shared their creative vision.
Propelled onto the international scene, the trio are keen to maintain their working style. While targeting publishers and clients of a higher standard, he absolutely wants to continue to focus on the most important: the DNA of their design, namely work on natural materials such as blown glass, bamboo or ceramics.

Rémi de Marassé