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Milan Design Week 2023: 5th edition of Alcova

The Alcova platform for the promotion of contemporary design was back for its 5th edition during Milan Design Week, from April 17 to 23. A summary of the young and eclectic creation, between unique pieces and limited series, formal research and material innovation.

In the spaces of the Ex-Macello di Porta Vittoria, revived for the occasion, 90 contemporary design projects were presented for this new edition of Alcova. A platform created for designers and companies exploring the future of design and manufacturing, Alcova was founded in 2018 by Joseph Grima (Space Caviar) and Valentina Ciuffi (Studio Vedèt). Each year, during Milan Design Week, Alcova brings together actors and institutions that define today’s design by presenting innovative work on living environments, products, systems and materials.

The 5th edition of Alcova will be held at the Ex-Macello di Porta Vittoria
@agnesebedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio_

A rich program in an atypical place


Over the past five years, more than 300 designers, companies, galleries and cultural institutions from all continents have participated in the Alcova project. The event, which has become one of the most visited in the world in the field of design, has continued its rise this year with a very rich program, combining immersive exhibitions, specific installations and conferences.

ALCOVA, 13 Desserts @agnese bedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio

For example, visitors discovered an immersive, in-the-world scenography coordinated by Jan Boelen for Atelier LUMA or the Finnish platform installation, Habita rematerials, organized by Nemo Architects, where visitors explored a large-scale encyclopedia of new and environmentally friendly material samples. Other exhibitions related to sustainable development were also presented with projects from the start-up Chair 1:1, the Californian duo PROWL or STACKLAB.

Nemo Architects Habitarematerials @ agnese bedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio
Prowl x M4 Objects with a hidden agenda @agnese bedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio

Whether designers, galleries, museums, schools or companies, the research and creations proposed in the various Alcova buildings drew up a lively panorama of the current young creation, like a tangible showcase of what can be quickly consulted on social networks. And in view of the crowds that flocked to the opening – without worrying about the vagaries of the weather -, these discoveries are the most eagerly awaited of the Milan “off”.

Areti Reflection Workshop @agnese bedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio
Basketclub @agnese bedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio
Studio Lugo Amorphous @agnese bedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio
Madam Bozarjiants by DesignBureau@agnese bedini piercarloquecchia dslstudio