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News / Milan 2022: GAN presents four new collections

Milan 2022: GAN presents four new collections

For the 60th edition of Salone Del Mobile in Milan from June 7 to 12, the Spanish GAN presents four new collections as well as its new personalization program entitled “GAN Custom”.

The GAN tapestry brand was born in 2004 from the collaboration of the president of the Gandia Blasco Group, José Gandía-Blasco, with Mapi Millet, a longtime friend. Together they launched and built the identity of GAN. Mapi Millet is in charge of selecting the designers with whom they collaborate, thus creating the very essence of the brand. She is also in charge of introducing the GAN SPACES concept, which allows rugs to evolve by developing, in accordance with their designs, modular systems and accessories that define complete living spaces.

Quatre nouvelles collections présentées


À l’occasion du salon de Milan, GAN propose de découvrir quatre nouvelles collections : Goz, Plastic Rivers, Reversible et The Crochet Collection.
La première collection, Goz, a été imaginée par Kengo Kum. Il s’agit d’une collection de tapis en laine et en bois de teck, à travers laquelle le designer montre une vision de l’artisanat à l’écoute des matériaux. La seconde, Plastic Rivers, est une série de quatre tapis conçu par Álvaro Catalán de Ocón et réalisés à la main avec des fibres de plastique 100% recyclées.

Tsuchi rug, "GOZ" collection, design Kengo Kuma © GAN
Niger rug, "PLASTIC RIVERS" collection, design Álvaro Catalán de Ocón © GAN

Reversible, created by Charlotte Lancelot is a collection that has neither front nor back: its rugs and ottomans can change appearance and texture with a simple turn, with a wool side during the winter months and a cotton side and linen during the warm months. Finally, the last collection presented, The crochet collection, by Clara von Zweigbergk is a series of four contemporary designs in which color helps to highlight the immense possibilities of crochet in the world of decoration.

Collection ``Reversible``, design Charlotte Lancelot © GAN

GAM custom, new personalization program


New customization program launched by the brand, GAM Custom allows rugs, cushions and poufs to adapt to any space – indoor or outdoor – and to any style, offering virtually unlimited options in terms of color, size, technique and form. The program offers three types of customization: Custom Solutions, Custom Catalog and Contract Studio, which allows you to carry out any type of project, suitable for contract and residential.

collection ``The crochet collection``, design Clara von Zweigbergk © GAN

Salone del Mobile
Hall 20, Booth B01/C06
June 7-12, 2022